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How to Advance in your Career as a Teacher


A career in teaching is one of the most respected and preferred jobs in the professional world today. The education industry is very highly regarded and is considered to be the future of a nation. However, educators / teachers often struggle to develop their careers and see growth in their positions. Fortunately, there are numerous ways and opportunities available for teachers who want to see advancement in their careers.

Taking Advantage of Further Education

Many educators believe that further education is the first step for bringing advancement to their teaching careers. By obtaining a doctorate or any suitable master’s degree, they become eligible to teach advanced subjects or courses. Salaries certainly increase and they also become more authoritative in their departments. 

Many universities today offer degree programs designed to fit a teacher’s schedule. So that’s another reason why teachers like to enhance their knowledge and skills by taking up further education.

The Role of Study Materials

This is one area many teachers ignore. Keeping your teaching materials or study materials up-to-date is an important aspect of your career growth as a teacher. You can actually do this at your own pace without much expense. Your teaching materials can help you in many ways especially when you are finding a new job or finding a new course to pursue higher education or even when finding a knowledge-based workshop. Get access to the most unique and exciting study materials and that will help you stand out as a teacher. You can also be more competitive and you will be more preferred in your department.

Benefits of Conferences

Taking part in conferences and actively presenting conferences can be of immense help for teachers seeking career growth. After you take part in few conferences, you will learn new teaching ideas, get access to valuable professional contacts and get more expertise in your subject matter.

To add to this, lot of schools pay a portion or the whole of your registration fees. So you have every reason to prioritize conferencing.

Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Co-Teachers and your Department Heads

This point is applicable anywhere and everywhere in a work environment. The teaching field is no different in this regard. Teachers are more likely to see career growth and advancement in their positions by maintaining friendly relationships with co-teachers, department heads, principals and others in your school or college.

You never know how much you can learn from your senior colleagues. Their real-life experiences and growth strategies are your best learning materials. By helping your co-teachers with their overtime work, bringing creative ideas to your department heads, you will win their hearts and do a world of good to yourself.   

A Chance to Move to Administrative Positions

Probably, one of the most challenging and lucrative routes for teachers is to move into administrative positions. Educators, who wish to secure a position in the administrative departments, need to pursue all the above listed developmental activities. This way, you can see yourself as a strong candidate for the position. You can consider being more friendly with administrators in your department in order to learn more from them. Their experiences will help you gain more knowledge and reach your target easily.

It is universally perceived that teaching is a static career. On the contrary, there is enough room for growth and professional advancement, if you are willing to put in the necessary hard work. Taking up higher education, maintaining your credentials and study materials and actively taking part in all the opportunities that come on your way are some of the ways to achieve a more satisfying career. 

If you are aware of any methods to help teachers grow professionally, please share them in the comment section below.

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