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Advertising a Retail Job

Retail is one of the few industries that have survived the economic slowdown. The popularity of this industry has contributed to the job market as it keeps flourishing despite all odds. There are a number of jobs that are incorporated within the retail sector, from customer services and sales to merchandising and commercial roles. The expansive growth of this sector has meant that companied are continuously developing their departments to cater to the demand.

In times like this, the job post has taken the important role of attracting potential candidates to apply for a job. By writing a comprehensive and concise job post, recruiters are able to ensure that they target the right job seekers in the most efficient manner.

Here is an overview of how to write a retail job vacancy post in order to attract the most suitable candidates:

Job Title

The title of the job is considered to be one of the most important aspects of it. It indicates the nature of the job, as well as some of the requirements. Recruiters should take advantage of this space and specify as much information as possible. For example: when hiring for the position of “Retail Manager”, the job title could be more descriptive: Retail Store Manager or Fortune 500 Retail Store Manager.

The job title provides recruiters with the space to indicate whether the job is permanent, temporary or part-time. For example: Full-time Retail Store Manager. In addition to this, the job title also enables employers to insert urgency into their post, for example: “Hiring Now! Retail Manager”

Job Description

When writing the description of the job post, it is advised to conduct a brief but concise search on important keywords. By identifying keywords, recruiters are able to make their job post appear in searches related to the industry and field they are advertising in.

The following are keywords associated with retail:

·         Merchandising
·         Retail
·         Sales
·         Commercial
·         Product
·         Management
·         Customer relations


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