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Advocating a Social Media Approach to Recruiting

Social media has taken the internet world by storm, and has ultimately had a huge impact on the recruitment industry. More and more recruiters and hiring managers are turning to social media in order to hire a workforce, rather than resorting to traditional recruitment measures, such as recruitment agencies and newspaper advertisements.

If you are a manager, hiring manager or recruiter, then social media should play a key role in your talent acquisition procedure. Using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will help significantly during the recruitment process.

Below are some tips on how to advocate a social media approach to recruiting:

Create an online presence

Organize your social media profiles in a way that reflects the type of business that you operate. Have an impressive avatar, a concise company biography and easily accessible contact information. Advertise your available vacancies in a clear and concise manner. Use your social media profiles to appeal directly to the type of candidates you seek.

Use your time wisely

Get involved with your social media accounts and use your time wisely. Hire a workforce that is familiar with social media and can play a key role in improving your social media presence and your overall workforce. Without using social media correctly and wisely, you are wasting a valuable recruitment strategy.

Be resourceful

Although social media is growing in usage as a social media strategy, at this stage it is important to use a combination of strategies that will take you closer to your ideal candidate, as, although the employment industry is ready for a change, it is still crucial to maintain connections with the traditional approach to recruiting. Social media should not be the primary approach to recruiting. It should be combined with traditional techniques, in order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.


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