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SALARIES / SEP. 26, 2012
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Agreement Improving Police and Prison Staff Salary was Signed

Press Release published August 2011

 The Minister of Public Security:

"On this historic day we are correcting an ongoing wrong and allowing new police officers and prison guards to earn a respectable living and to be adequately compensated for the tireless work they do around the clock".

The salary agreement

 The agreement over the salaries of the police officers and prison guards during their first years of service was signed today, Monday, August 8, 2011, between the Minister of Public Security, Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch and the Minister of Finances Yuval Steinitz. The salaries of about 6,000 police officers and prison guards will be increased by over 2000 NIS, and will reach the sum of about 7,150 NIS compared to a salary of 4,800 NIS, which they earned prior to the agreement.

The negotiation between the ministries lasted a long time, forcing the internal committee and the financial committee to also intervene. However, the negotiation has been greatly accelerated ever since the current Director General of the Ministry of Public Security, Mr. Ya'akov Ganot, has been issued into this position. This is mainly due to the fact that, much like the Minister of Public Security himself, this issue is highly important to Mr. Ganot.

This agreement constitutes the first stage in addressing the issue of salaries and work conditions of the police officers and prison guards (even the retired ones). The future process will also include a fast and intensive treatment of everything concerning those who have retired from the force, in order to correct a wrong which has existed for many years, and to substantially improve the pension fund which has been reduced over the years. Simultaneously, the overall salary of the entire population of police officers and prison guards, both new and senior, will also be addressed.

The need to address the issue of improving the salaries of 6,000 police officers and prison guards first stemmed from the fact that there is a high rate of departure from the service during their first years, caused mainly by the low salaries. This agreement could therefore not have been implemented without cooperation from the Minister of Finances and his staff and without their willingness to reach a fast solution. The Minister of Public Security, Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, thanked the police inspector general, Police Commissioner Yochanan Danino, and the prison commissioner, Lieutenant General Aharon Franco, for their great help in the treatment of this significant and substantial problem.

Minister Aharonovitch:

"Today history is being made. This agreement is the first milestone towards changing the salaries and conditions of the police officers, the prison guards, and the retired members of the force, who have suffered the issue of salary for years. This agreement honors the police officers and prison guards by allowing them to earn a respectable living; and now, with no further delays we will continue to tirelessly strive towards completing our treatment of the retired members of the force. I wish to thank the ministry's Director General, the Police Inspector General, and the Prison Commissioner; who have worked alongside us the entire time, helping us achieve a dignified agreement with the Minister of Finances and his staff".


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