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How to Align Employee Development and Growth


The success of a company or organization directly relates to how employees are developing and growing. When employees are operating at optimal level alignment of development and growth, their strength as an entity increases the probability of success for everyone. This article will discuss a working example from the business world as well as specific steps on how to align employee development and growth.

A Working Example of Aligning Employee Development and Growth

Brett Buzby is the Director of Practice Development Group at MetLife. He has experienced great results in aligning employee development and growth. The main tool that he has utilized to track such development and growth in his sales associates is Cornerstone On Demand. This online resource is a cloud based application which various companies use to recruit, train, manage and connect with people in their organizations and businesses. Cornerstone works with the following industries:

  1. Business Services
  2. Energy & Utilities
  3. Financial & Insurance
  4. Healthcare
  5. Hospitality
  6. Non-profit
  7. Life Sciences
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Retail & Travel
  10. Technology & Media
  11. Higher Education & K – 12
  12. Federal, State & Local Government

Cornerstone offers various support service packages which assist in employee development and tracking their growth. They offer technology, business and educational consulting services. Their client success framework and content services work in conjunction with implementing a program which will work for your specific employee growth project.

Steps to Take to Align Employee Development and Growth

Step # 1 Ascertain the Parameters to Measure

The first step in aligning employee development and growth is to figure out what you need to know. Work with all parties involved in upper management to ascertain what parameters they are looking to track. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are the parameters to define?
  2. Which employee groups will be tracked?
  3. What is the timeframe to evaluate?
  4. Who will be part of the review team?

Step # 2 Find a Program to Work with to Track Growth

Once the questions in Step One have been completely defined, it is important to decide to utilize the right program for the tracking process. There are two general options here. You and the upper management may decide to utilize a program that is created in-house. The purpose of tracking employee growth and development is for management reasons as well as to provide evaluations to employees. The tracking system you use does not have to a “professional” one. The second option is to work with a professional service like Cornerstone On Demand which Brett Buzby from MetLife utilized for his team.

The following is a listing of other such online resources that you can use to track employee development and growth in various fields:

  1. DDA CMT – Corporate and medical field
  2. PSI USA – Engineering, Consulting & Testing field
  3. Manager Assistant – Workforce management (various fields)  

Step # 3 Review the Progress and Ascertain the Results

The final step involves a necessary review. You need to evaluate the results and ascertain whether or not the results align with the desired employee development. For example, if you were evaluating your sales team as Buzby did, what type of results did you receive? Did you see an increase in sales activity? Did the sales team express satisfaction with their work? Did their work performance line up with your company’s sales goals? Once you and the review team completely evaluate the results and the alignment level with employee development, the following should occur:

  1. An evaluation needs to be made available to the CEO and company officials.
  2. As time permits, meet with each employee participant and share individual evaluations.
  3. Meet with the review team and create future employee development plans.

Aligning employee development and growth is critical to the growth of any type of business or organization. The example of Brett Buzby from MetLife utilizing is a good illustration of how tracking such growth is simple and beneficial for a company. The three steps discussed in this article can assist you in tracking employee growth. First begin by ascertaining the parameters to measure. Find a program, whether in-house or external. Always remember to review the progress and ascertain the results. Then evaluate the results with upper management and each employee. This process should have great results for creating future success for your company.


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