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Allowing Dogs into the Workplace

Numerous companies are implementing unusual or alternative techniques to encourage a happy and productive working environment. One of them many techniques adopted by such companies is to allow dogs into the workplace.

Introducing dogs into the working environment has been proven to lower employees’ stress levels. The presence of dogs increases job satisfaction, even amongst employees who do not own dogs.

Some of the many other reasons to bring dogs to the workplace include:

  • Increased morale
  • Improved productivity
  • Happier employees
  • Lower absenteeism rates
  • Improved relationships amongst co-workers
  • A reduction in the stress hormone, cortisol

Some of the major companies that allow dogs in the workplace include:

  • Google
  • P&G Pet Care
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Amazon

Though bringing a pet to work might bring numerous benefits, there are also a number of issues that you need to be wary of as a recruiter:

Causes for concern:

Personal injury:

As a business owner you may be held liable in the instance that an animal allowed into the workplace injures an employee, customer or delivery person.

Property damage:

Though most dogs are well trained, they don’t always excuse themselves for a trip to the bathroom! Aside from this, dogs can do damage to carpets, office equipment, furniture and so on. So if another employee’s personal property becomes damaged, don’t be surprised when they come to you with the bill.

Landlord issues:


If you rent the office space, beware of any limitations on your lease. Some landlords don’t allow pets in the workplace, so make sure you obtain permission before allowing any four-legged creatures into the office. 

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