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Alternative Treatments for Diabetes Caused by Stress on the Job

A new study from Germany put 5300 employees under the microscope to learn how stress affects health. When the research began, diabetes was a concern for nearly none of the participants. By the time the study concluded, nearly 300 were suffering from Type II diabetes. Metabolic syndrome, associated with Type II, appears to be yet another problem you may have to worry about if you work at a job with high stress. Before you start worrying about having to remember to inject insulin every day at work, however, you might want to consider some alternative ways to treat the condition.


If you can’t stand the idea of injecting insulin into your body as a way to control diabetes without adding to your stress, you might not necessarily think stress is going to be reduced through acupuncture. You could be wrong about that. The tiny little needles poked into your skin do not hurt nearly as much as you might think and the result of acupuncture to treat diabetes could even stimulate you later to seek it as a treatment for reducing stress. In fact, even if you don’t successfully treat diabetes with acupuncture, it could still be very effective at reducing stress.


Exercise should be on the list of treatments for diabetes whether stress at work is the cause or just aggravates the condition. The thing about exercising to treat diabetes is that the Type II kind of diabetes that resulted from the stress at work being discussed in the German study means that your exercise needs to be more aerobic than weight-based. Lifting weights as an exercise regimen for diabetes treatment can also have the result of raising your blood pressure and that is not conducive to beating diabetes. You don’t need to add the stress of high blood pressure to the stress of your job.

Herbal Treatment

You can turn to a number of herbal remedies to treat the different symptoms that diabetes causes. If you love blueberries, start bringing muffins or a slice or cobbler to work so you can lower your blood glucose levels naturally. Spicy food flavored with cayenne pepper can have the same effect as blueberries on maintenance of your vascular system. Ginkgo biloba is useful for facilitating blood flow the retina, which makes it an especially good choice for keeping your vision sharp while you on the job or off.


Yes, supplements can help you combat job stress from making diabetes worse. If blueberries or cayenne pepper are not enough lower blood glucose levels, then some chromium on a daily basis. Vitamin E will help the ginkgo biloba with making sure your blood is flowing properly manganese is your supplemental workhorse for metabolizing glucose.

On the whole, high levels of stress hormones upsets the bodies glucose levels which can increase the risk of heart disease, strokes, amputations etc. Make the most of these alternative treatments to reduce stress levels and maintain a good physical and mental well being.

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