version 18, draft 18

Amendments to the Act on Maternity and Parental Leave

iceland parental leave

Parliament has approved amendments to the law on maternity and parental leave. One major change in the conditions for the add calling time on domestic labor and employment time in the labor market in another member state of the European Economic evaluation of the right to leave.

The Authority had made comments on the amendment provisions of the Maternity and Parental Leave. Turned them to the previously existing law was a condition that the parent had been involved in the domestic market for at least one month prior to analysis would make the time to tenure in another Member State of the European Economic Area and to assess parental rights.

According to the amendment applies on the principle that parents should have been at least a month in the domestic market before maternity leave begins and is the shorter period shall Labour evaluate each case individually based on whether you should be considered for periods of a parent in another state EEA.

The implementation of the directive on parental leave beyond

 In addition to the aforementioned changes are enacted EU directive which provides for the extension of parental leave from 13 weeks to four months.

Finally, the changes made various improvements intended to clarify and strengthen the enforcement of maternity and parental leave.

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