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WEB & TECH / JUN. 29, 2014
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An Overview of Online Advertising For Your Business Or Website

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Have you tried online advertising?

Most people are hesitant about investing in online advertising campaigns because they don’t know how it works or they aren’t convinced that it can deliver superior results.

The truth is, online advertising is a tried and tested platform that is backed up with years of credible case studies. If done correctly, the rewards of advertising online are instantaneous (sales, subscribers and etc.). Below covers what you need to know about online ad campaigns and how you can use them to your advantage.

Benefits Of Online Advertising

The results of a successful online advertising campaign can boost your traffic, sales and number of followers. Below are reasons why businesses prefer the digital platform over traditional advertising methods:

1. Volume: Online advertising allows you to reach a very large number of highly qualified customers in a short period of time, should your budget allow for it. Best of all, you can discover just how many people are searching for your product or service before you start spending money.

2. Specific Call-to-Action: Online advertising is highly actionable, perhaps more than any other medium. Show an ad to the right person at the right time, and they can buy what you’re selling instantly. This is not possible with newspaper ads.

3. Testable: Like a good science experiment, most advertising systems make it easy to test ads, then modify variables (the body text, the image, or the call-to-action) to maximize each campaign’s efficiency. Monitoring results and making necessary changes can lead to campaigns that convert very well.

Online Advertising Basics

Before you consider advertising, make sure you have the fundamentals down. First, your website needs to be complete and functional. There's no point in advertising your website unless it's worth inviting people in the first place.

Second, make sure your website is naturally optimized to attract search engines. Double-check all your information such as your business name, contact, location, and relevant keywords. Make sure the essential elements of your website are easily accessible.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are the graphic blocks you find on the top, side and bottom of web pages and blog posts. When clicked, visitors are taken to the advertiser’s website, where they can learn more about the promoted product or service.

Banner ads are usually priced on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. In CPM advertising, companies pay a flat fee for the number of times their ad is shown. In order to get a large enough sample size to calculate how many people are clicking on their ads, these rates are calculated per 1,000 impressions.

CPM rates range anywhere from $.50 to $5.00 per 1,000 impressions, though the average is around $1.50. This means if your ad shows up on a website 10,000 times, it would cost your business $15.00 (no matter how many people click on your ad).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM results are the text-based advertisements that show up at the top and side of your search result pages. Since search engines know how often people search for specific terms, they are able to sell advertising space to companies who are willing to pay for the people who click on their ads.

Search engines use their own formulas to find and display the most relevant and recent sources, known as organic search results. The better these organic results, the more likely users are to continue to use their service.

SEM advertising is different than banner advertising because it uses a different pricing model known as pay-per-click, or PPC. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising is the most common search-based advertising option. Contrary to pay-per-impression, businesses pay a pre-determined rate each time someone clicks on their advertisement. No matter how many times your ad shows, you only pay for those people who are actually interested enough to click on your ad.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the act of displaying ads through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or other social platforms. Such ads are shown in the news feed and sidebar. Social media ads are versatile and are often used to boost specific posts. This can be useful when promoting contests and special events. Social media ads are clearly segregated from organic posts using a ‘promoted’ label.

Each social media platform has their own set of metrics that can help users target their ads to suite key demographics. Tracking the effectiveness of live ads can be done in real-time using the specific social media platform. Out of all the popular social sites available to businesses, Facebook has the most complete analytics tool for online advertising. Users have an array of display options, including gender, interests and country. Furthermore, individuals can turn their ads on and off anytime.

To conclude, online advertising has been established as a reliable marketing method by many companies. One of the best ways to ensure the success of your ad campaigns is by gathering information about your customers and matching the data with your goals.

How are you using online advertising for your website or business? Share your experience with us.

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