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How to Answer the One Interview Question Nobody is Prepared for

Think about interview questions that you have been asked during an interview. Which ones did you expect? Which ones scared you the most and how did you react? When being invited to a job interview, it is advisable that you become familiar with common interview questions well in advance. This is to help you prepare some answers and have an idea of how to sell yourself to employers effectively.

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Apart from practicing common ones though, you should also get your head around other less popular questions; questions that most people don’t expect to hear when walking into the interview room. Luckily for you, this article presents you with the one interview question most candidates are not prepared for so that you are ready to ace your next interview! The question being discussed here is usually some variation of “Tell me something I wouldn’t know from looking at your CV”.

When employers ask this question, it is possible that they want to test whether you are alert or you can think of your feet. They also might be looking to see:

  • What do you think is most important for them to know?
  • Are you saying anything you shouldn’t?
  • Do you know what you have included on your CV?

Since this question has no right or wrong answers, the interviewer allows you to pick a topic to start the conversation. So, the best way to go forward is to focus on your previous work experience and those skills that are not immediately visible on your CV. Here are some ways you can turn this question to your advantage:

#1 Refer to your Key Strengths

In order to be successful, you should be aware of your key strengths. If you are confident about what you can do for the employer and you know how you can utilise your talents to help the company develop, then you can convince the interviewer you are the right candidate for the job. Before you go into the interview, think about which skills you possess are essential to the position. If you are referring to your excellent communication or negotiation skills, you might want to focus on how you effectively manage to resolve a conflict at work, or how you dealt with a demanding customer.

#2 Share a Story

Storytelling is particularly effective when being interviewed for a job. A story can help the employer get a well-rounded picture of you and get to know your personality. When you are being asked this question refer to an example from your personal life. Be careful though you don’t want to share anything that’s controversial that may go against the interviewer’s beliefs. So choose to talk about something that’s universally accepted as positive such as your interests in blogging or cycling!  

#3 State your Interest in the Job

Another great way of answering to this question is to explain why you are interested in the job in the first place. This is a great response since your CV can’t answer that. Demonstrate your passion for the position and explain how getting the job will help you develop professionally. State your career goals and expectations clearly and then explain to the employer the benefits of having you working at the company.

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After reading this article, hopefully, you now have an idea of how to respond to this kind of question and will be prepared! Have you ever been asked this question before? How did it go? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.



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