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Apple's Going Green: Even if They Are Still Using Slave Labour

Apple is the company responsible for hipster tech orgasms for almost 40 years. The company has become synonymous with hip, sleek design and artistic flare. You’d think a business like that would be eager to embrace an environmentally positive stance, but it has only recently joined the ‘go green party’. Just a few days ago Apple announced that it would be investing $850 million in a solar farm, in Monterey, California.

So What?

Not that I am an opponent of environmentally positive policy in the corporate world, but Apple’s a little late joining the festivities. All kinds of companies from banking to retail have been using renewable energy for decades now, making their carbon footprint as big as a toddler’s (that wear those adorable little sneakers!). As well as that, competitors such as Samsung are not only creating Eco-friendly products, but they already use renewable energy at many of their facilities.

Going Green is Great but What Else Do you Do?

I think Google is a great example of an environmentally conscious company. Not only are many of its facilities environmentally friendly, but it’s constantly developing environmentally sounds technologies that could benefit green policies in the future. It is currently developing numerous sustainable energy solutions and will continue to do so according to the Head of Google [x] Astro Teller.

It’s a Matter of Ethicality Too

Apple is well known for using the controversial tech manufacturer Foxconn to produce their very popular iPhones. The Foxconn facility in China (where the phones are manufactured) has been in the cross-hairs for its deplorable working conditions and treatment of their employees for some years now. Another one of Apple’s manufacturers has even been accused of violating child labor laws. Foxconn has even seen violent riots, suicides and attempted suicides in reaction to poor working conditions.

Still Like Your Shiny New Phone?

So that shiny new device you have in front of you lets you sends dirty pics and throw Angry Avian Creatures at Green Swine (trying to avoid copy write infringement here). It’s sleek and sexy, like a sports car you can put in your pocket, but are you OK with it potentially costing someone their life? Oh…your OK with that…well you shouldn’t, because of basic human decency.

Is Green Just a Divergent Tactic?

After a slew of negative press regarding all the humanitarian infractions at the factories that produce their products, and all the issues that plague the launching of their new products (Bendgate being the most recent). I can’t help but be cynical enough to think that it all might just be a divergent tactic to distract us from the negative press.

There have been innumerable cases where celebrities, politicians and public figures have been forced to do charity or a public service to reduce controversy surrounding their name and persona. Maybe Apple is trying to do the same because of violation after violation of workers’ rights and product after sub-par product. Almost every iteration of the iPhone has been released with problematic hardware or software. Maybe there are going for the Benjamin Franklin effect, when they ask their consumers to kindly return their phones to their closest service center.

Do you think that Apple’s doing this to save money, save face or just because they have finally decided to be decent human beings?

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