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Apple Stocks on High Despite iWatch Delay – So What is the Catch?

Contrary to many rumors that point to the release of Apple’s iWatch along with its new iPhone 6 (slated to be released on September 9), it is learnt that this gadget may not go on sale until 2015.  According to the claims made by a Chinese analyst, the launch has been delayed in order to ensure a perfect blend of hardware and software on the new gadget. However, the tech giant’s stocks hit all-time high, weeks before the release of the new iPhone 6.

Apple’s shares advanced by 1.4% and ended at $100.53, which was the highest closing point ever, tuned for June’s 7-for-1 stock split. The company saw its last high back in September 19 2012, days before the release of iPhone 5.

Are the good-old days coming back?

Apple’s smartphones contribute to more than half of its entire revenue. The new stock records could turn the tides for the company as well as its CEO, especially as the market awaits for the release of Apple’s iWatch.

Apple’s iPad off late, has struggled against larger phones and low-budget tablets. Moreover, the company’s shares have slid ever since 2012 on concerns that the new CEO, Tim Cook, may not be as fortunate as his predecessor and co-founder, Steve Jobs. Many times before, Cook has promised that Apple would launch several new categories of products in 2014. The head of iTunes, Eddy Cue, has also announced that Apple is working on its best range of products in the past 25 years.  

As a result, analysts and Apple fans have shown great faith and positive responses. The upcoming launch of the iPhone 6 is also believed to be a huge booster to the tech giant (to maintain its innovator image) and the leader himself (to prove that he is equally innovative and the right successor to Steve Jobs).

What could be the reason behind the iWatch delay?


Apple recently recruited a senior executive, Tag Heuer, from the Swiss Watch brand. This could be in connection with the launch of its new iWatch. The new product would compete against Samsung and Google’s version of smartwatches, to convert computers into wearable smart gadgets. So Apple is in no hurry to release its version of smartwatch.

Many analysts believe that Apple’s new iWatch would be innovative enough to threaten the Swiss brand of watches. It is believed that the smartwatch would feature multiple fitness and health sensors including a sweat sensor.

According to, Apple’s new iWatch could be delayed as it must be certified as an approved medical device by the Food and Drug Administration. Apple itself has revealed that it’s working with Mayo clinic, National Institutes of Health and Cleveland clinic on the new product.  

Other rumors suggest that the iWatch could come in a round or a rectangular shape. It could come in a variety of screen sizes. Unlike watches offered by Samsung, Qualcomm and Sony (which mostly functions as companions to its smartphones for various functions), Apple could come up with more independent and self-functioning watches.

And finally, there are rumors on one quarter that believe Apple has delayed its iWatch launch, simply to ensure that each of its products gets individual attention  and is not overshadowed. Why not launch two products on two different occasions and have a dual bash? It helps you stay in the headlines all the time!

So what do you see? Is Apple’s iWatch delay a business strategy or is the tech giant really up for a big one? Share your views in the comment section below. 

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