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Applications for Volunteer Program for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

22/08/2012 17:45 - Portal Brasil

Applicants may register at the FIFA website to work during the 2014 World Tournament and the 2013 Confederations Cup

This Tuesday, FIFA launched the Volunteer Program for the 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup in Salvador (capital of the state of Bahia, Brazil’s northeast region). Those interested in working in the mega sporting events may register on the FIFA website - Candidates only need to register once, as it is valid for all competitions. This is the first stage of the selection process, which will also have interviews, as well as general and specific training.

The first training courses will take place online and start in December this year. According to Rodrigo Hermina, director of volunteers of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), the distance learning training process is important to ensure that all parts of the country are reached, as well as establishing uniform actions. After capacity-building over the internet, a more conventional training course will be offered, when people will visit the places where they will work and will receive new and more specific instructions.

The director also highlighted that it was agreed with the federal government that as a result of the number of applications, registration will take place in two different moments. “The first starts this Tuesday and the second will be further down the line, with the host cities and federal government. It is a partner program, there are four hands at work and we are talking about an integrated process with constant communication. There is no event without the assistance of the federal government and host cities”.

Recruitment starts with the application on FIFA’s website, where those interested in taking part are registered. “We hope to meet the requests of all volunteers, their areas of preference, but it is difficult to satisfy everyone’s wishes. Technically, the proportion is 5 to 1: in order to choose 15 thousand volunteers for the World Cup we need to register 90 thousand people", said Hermina.


Volunteer work is not paid, but LOC and FIFA will make uniforms available to those selected, as well as an allowance to assist in the commute to and from the place of activities (within the host city) and meals during working hours. Candidates need to meet some requirements, such as being at least eighteen years of age and be available for at least twenty consecutive days during the events, as well as willing to work up to ten-hour shifts. During the selection process the skills, profile and knowledge of each candidate will be verified. When registering, applicants may inform their area of preference, but vacancies will be filled in according to what is on offer and the requirements inherent to each activity. Some positions have specific requirements and need certain knowledge and skill.

All information about the Volunteer Program and its stages will be published on the FIFA website - – All the information provided by those interested will be treated as confidential and as a responsibility of the LOC.  Applicants are also to have their criminal record verified.
The estimate is that 7 thousand volunteers will work in the Confederations Cup and 15 thousand in the World Cup, according to figures reviewed by the LOC.


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