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How to Apply For a Digital Apprenticeship – Infographic

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The digital economy in the UK is increasingly experiencing a remarkably upbeat growth, with the revenue of digital companies growing 25% faster than that of non-digital companies. Also, employers of digital companies hire three more people than their non-digital counterparts. For students who aspire to pursue a digital career, the news is more than fantastic! Digital apprenticeships are growing exponentially, and £170 million of extra funding will be allocated to small business to hire more apprentices.

Wonder which digital role suits you more or how to apply for a digital apprenticeship? NeoMam Studios came up with this infographic to highlight the high potential of the digital industry and encourage motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds to pursue their passion in this growing sector.

How to choose your favoured digital role?

Are you interested in:

-   How things work? Are you an inquisitive mind that loves to look deeper? Are you an innate problem-solver and have initiative to learn on your own? Then development is your calling. Explore a variety of roles such as software engineer, programmer, analyst, database expert or backend specialist.

-   How people work? Are you an analytical and creative thinker who loves bringing new ideas to the table and keeping abreast of industry developments? Then you make yourself indispensable to a marketing agency as a marketing specialist. Roles vary from social media manager, SEO specialist, Email marketer to planner.

-  Visually engaging people? Do you see each job as a work of art and have endless imaginative scope? Are you open to new ideas and accept criticism as a way to get better at your craft? Then you make a perfect designer. You could be an illustrator, web, digital or motion graphics designer, just to name a few popular industry roles.

-   Telling people a great story? Do you love telling people a story in a fresh and captivating way? Do you love checking out different sources to figure out what the next big thing is? Then forget all other options but pursuing a role as a content specialist.  You could become a copywriter, an editor, a digital producer or a researcher.

How to shine as a digital apprentice?

-   Invest in Networking. Use social media to get in touch with industry experts or find out about various events in the digital sector.

-   Learn to embrace failure. Show a resilient attitude and learn how to persevere when things don’t go as planned.

-   Be proactive. Plan ahead and allow enough time to learn a new skill before embarking on an apprenticeship.

-   Research the industry. Keep abreast of industry trends and new jobs that are emerging along with the industry evolution and business needs.

-   Read. Find out what people who are already working in the sector have written and make the most of their advice and tips.

-   Write as much as you can.  Even outside your apprenticeship you should try to write a blog and set deadlines so that you challenge yourself and make constant improvements.

The digital industry is constantly evolving as rewarding and dynamic one. If you’re ready to embark on a career in this sector, kick start your professional life with a digital apprenticeship. Check out this interactive infographic to find out more interesting hints.   

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