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Arduous tasks an HR officer faces in an organization

The work of an HR officer is not limited to just recruitment. There are piles of tasks an HR officer needs to do in an organization. Being given an important position in a company, the responsibility also remains the topmost.

Other than recruitment works, an HR officer has to implement policies and procedures that is required to run the company in a systematic manner. Proper framing of the policies and procedures that could go well with the organization values and mission is to be prepared and it is to be followed by the employees. It is a real tough task to make employees follow the rules of the organization.

At the time of recruitment, different people with different thoughts, background, ambitions and goals come to the organization. It is easier to mould freshers as they would adapt to the company policies. But experienced people do take time and sometimes there would clash between experienced employees and an HR officer regarding the rules and regulations that are in an organization. Experienced employees have worked in a different environment and at a new workplace, it does take time to adapt.

There are other issues an HR officer faces such as:

1) Leave issue – when an employee do not get leave when it is required the most and HR is unable to sanction leave due to management strict order.
2) Payroll issue – an unexpected deduction which does affect the employee as he would have planned in advance which would have affected their budget.
3) Increment Issue –a delay in increment even though it would have been committed in the offer letter which the employee would have received.
4) Ego issue – There can be problems that could arise between employees related to work which create a negative environment in the organization and affect the work.
5) Sudden resignation of employees – Employees suddenly decide to relive from the organization due to specified reasons.

The reasons can create a poor working environment and can affect the productivity of the employees. Sometimes an employee can even quit without giving notice. Every company wants any issues that arise to be sorted out quickly without affecting productivity. For that an HR officer needs to intervene and take steps. Following steps are to be taken in an organization by an HR officer

1) Induction program explaining about the rules and regulations and about the benefits that the company would be providing should be explained at the time of joining. The positives of the company need to be informed so that employees can feel comfortable about the organization.

2) A clear picture of their growth needs to be given so that they can work hard and work towards climbing the ladder to success in the organization

3) Employees should be made to feel as their own company and their contribution should be made known to them.

4) An HR officer needs to convey the message to the employees that any official problem that they are facing should be discussed without any fear. Solutions to the problems needs to be given so that employees can feel relieved and can work with more zest and enthusiasm.

5) Sometimes personal or family problem can disturb their mind and make them not interested in working. HR officer needs to sort it out by having a one to one session and helping them in solving their problems.

6) There should be implementation of rewards and recognition schemes for the efforts and hard work employees put. This can make them encouraged and motivate them to work hard. Appreciation in any form should be given on time basis as this will motivate them to work happily.

7) There should be timely increment policies and increment should be given based on their effort and hard work they put. No discrimination should be done between employees based on the work they do.

Certain times you could find employees quitting the organization due to reasons which include personal or official reasons. A session should be arranged with the employee and his reason for his relieving needs to be understood and if the reasons are really valid, he should be allowed to quit with a word that he is always welcome back to re-join if required and company would accept him with open arms.

Most corporates have different HR officers who handle independently payroll processing, recruitment, attendance etc. As a reult, there has been an increase of HR officers in the market.

HR profile is not only a huge task but it is a fun profile too. Interaction and making new friends and knowing their thoughts can help in one’s growth and maturity as an individual.

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