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SALARIES / NOV. 20, 2014
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Are British Employees Willing to Quit Their Jobs for Higher Salaries?

If you are currently working whilst looking for a new job at the same time, chances are you are considering a few things like what your new job will entail and will it give you better career opportunities. The reason for hopping from one job to another will differ from employee to employee, but according to a recently published report by Monster, a 20 percent pay rise would be the deal breaker for British many employees when it comes to changing jobs.

With the cost of living increasing, this information should not really surprise many employees. Neither should the other result of this survey, which has revealed that a third of employees think that such an increase would be enough to meet their salary expectations.

Andy Sumer of Monster made the following statement in regards to this by stating:

“The desire for more money is a result of the jobs market improving. Businesses should consider what their current staff are really worth. They need to do this to avoid losing them to bigger-budget competitors.”

The same research suggests that a third of British employees agree that a 20% pay rise would be all it would take to sway them towards another job role, and bearing in mind Sumner’s statement – it looks like British workers are wising up to the fact that their employers need to start aligning their salaries with their job performances.

News like this won’t exactly hit the headlines, but it is something that affects numerous British employees on a daily basis. This survey also indicated that employees are starting to feel under paid and as such will gradually start looking for jobs that meet their salary expectations.

It’s simple: higher salaries would boost morale and increase job satisfaction, however, with the cost of living steadily increasing in cities like London it is not surprising that so many employees would like to boost their salaries in order to get by. This isn’t to say that most employees are generally dissatisfied with their jobs, just their salaries really. It has become easier for employees to find new jobs than receive salary increases which only serve to condemn their employers either way.

Salary increases or incentives are the best way to keep top performing staff from seeking alternative employment options, and we are not talking about a massive boost in earnings, but just enough to challenge the result of Monster’s survey. Employers that are tuned into the professional needs of their staff will not have to worry about the findings of this survey as they will already be one step ahead by offering their staff the kind of salaries that they are looking for. As for employees, salary satisfaction is very important and it helps to know your worth so don’t be shy about going after a job that can enable you to earn the salary you want.

All in all, it looks like attitudes towards salaries amongst British employees is shifting and now it is up to both employees, and employers to ensure that Britain’s workforce is paid the equivalent (or above) of what it is worth.


Image source – Merchantmoney

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