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Are Employers Doing Enough to Support Employees Through Wellness Programs?

Any employer will tell you that a having a healthy workforce means that you have a healthy work culture, recognizing employees’ well-being, is a key concern of a good employer. From an employee’s perspective, having an employer that acknowledges how important their health is by introducing well-being programs is a step in the right direction. These days, technology plays a vital role in the field of workplace wellness programs. MoodHacker is digitally bringing workplace health incentives to the forefront by allowing employees to log and track their own emotional health whilst at work.

Apps like this one indicate that well-being programs are increasingly becoming part of core workplace incentives with both employees and employers taking note of how crucial these programs are in terms of engagement and productivity. Virgin Pulse and Workforce Magazine’s The Business of Healthy Employees: A Survey of Workplace Health Priorities looks at how 3,822 employees from 361 companies perceive well-being programs and whether or not these programs influence workforce attitudes.

There are some brilliant key findings that this survey discovered and some interesting correlations which include the following:

  • 96.3% of employees actively take part in wellness programs and thought that these programs were of greater value than financial rewards in the workplace.
  • 43.1 % do not find any health programs appealing enough to take part in.
  • 52.4% provided mental health support to their staff this year via a health program.
  • 87.4 stated that wellness programs positively influenced workplace culture.
  • 88% recognize that wellness programs can be the deciding factor for candidates when it comes to recruitment.
  • 53.1% of companies are not keeping tabs on increased productivity as a result of wellness programs, 47.8% are not noting raised levels of engagement, and 30% of employers are not happy with how productivity and engagement levels are measured.

According to this survey a whopping 90.5% of employees stated that they would accept any wellness programs their employer offers or puts in place, this is interesting because the survey also discovered that 87.4% of employees think that wellness programs positively affect work culture as well. Further findings of this survey show that 51.7% employers are seeing how wellness programs impact their workforce and identified two key benefits; keeping health costs to a minimum and creating a healthy workplace culture.

In regards to wellness programs being a positive catalyst in regards to workplace culture, one employee who took part in the survey made the following comment:

“I feel the health and wellness programs help the company because employees have more energy and are more engaged throughout the day. I have used less sick time and feel more productive in general.”

At least 55.7% of employees stated that wellness programs made them feel more valued in the workplace and that these programs effectively dealt with disengagement in the workplace as well. 64.2% of employers also stated that wellness programs did boost productivity amongst their staff which clearly demonstrates that when it comes to well-being and productivity companies will certainly benefit from introducing these programs. There is so much at stake for employers if they don’t take wellness programmes seriously because a disengaged, unproductive, and unhealthy workforce is not what any employer wants. Wellness programs can provide the solutions and support that employees need therefore, these programs should be heavily invested in.

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