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Are Slackers Killing Your Office Culture? [Quiz]

If you are a high performing employee you may have noticed that despite your best intentions you can’t get much done during the day. Now, there are a number of reasons this might be happening, but have you considered whether the problem could be your fellow employees?

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According to this study, 68 percent of the people surveyed said that low performing employees, aka slackers, hurt company morale and they just make them not to want to work hard. I’m not entirely certain how your boss would react to this excuse but the test below will help you find out whether slackers are killing your office culture. Take the test and share your results with your boss –uh-huh the test is that credible- and suggest that it might be time for them to take action.

1) The team and you are brainstorming for a new marketing campaign, there’s momentum, there are brilliant ideas going around the room and in walks John with a starbucks cup in his hand, he asks what you are all on about and despite your efforts to get him involved he proceeds to recount a dad joke he read online.  What happens next?

  1. Everyone falls into an awkward silence and the team falls apart, each moving back to their cubicle agreeing to pick the brainstorming session back in the afternoon.
  2. Everyone laughs at Johns’ joke –or pretends to- and goes on discussing work as ferociously as before.

2) It’s Friday afternoon and you are not in a particularly productive mood but  nevertheless you are working, you look on your right and there’s Sam in his cubicle fast asleep. What happens next?

  1. You feel even more desperate that you have to work for a few more hours and sneak into one of your social media accounts to kill the time.
  2. You smile to yourself and go back to work.

3) You are in a meeting that’s dragging on and on and you’ve just begun panicking that you won’t be able to finish by 5 o’clock. Lost as you are in your thoughts you hear Mary asking something that the boss has analysed half an hour ago. What happens next?

  1. The boss answers her query which results into Mary having more questions and the meeting continues to go on and on.
  2. The boss answers her query and Mary has no other questions.

4) The boss has assigned everyone with a bit of a project that needs to be completed ASAP. Jessica, the world’s most renowned office slacker comes to your cubicle with particularly specific questions about work –that’s a first!- What happens next?

  1. Jessica explains how she doesn’t know how to do her bit of the project and asks if you could work on it together –which essentially means that you’ll be doing all the work while she gives you beauty tips.
  2. Jessica explains how she’s uncertain about some aspects of the projects and asks you if you could look it over when she’s finished.

5) You are trying to work with the team on something and there are some arguments on how to proceed, Katie, who hasn’t contributed a useful thing so far suggests that you should chill. What happens next?

  1. Your teammates become more antagonistic and you feel as you’re being put in a corner. Needless to say this ends up in a major fight.
  2. The team ignores her and moves on.

If you have more As: You are surrounded by slackers at work who are not only killing the office culture, but they are also not allowing you to be the kind of professional you are meant to be. Our best tip? Pretend they don’t exist.

If you have more Bs: You have your fair share of slackers but they don’t seem to be hurting the office culture more. Maybe try to include them in work projects and the situation will remedy itself.

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