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WEB & TECH / OCT. 27, 2015
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Are Smartphones Ruining Us? [Video]

Many people admit they are guilty of spending most of their time every day working on their smartphone devices. Most of us are well aware of our addiction to tech and are forced on a daily basis to face the reality that technology has taken over in every aspect of our lives.

But perhaps that is an overstatement. Perhaps we shouldn’t blame science at all, because technological advances are just the drivers our society needs to move forward. Fast Company’s senior editor Jason Feifer agrees and explains that technology isn’t the real issue behind the so-called “death of conversation” and goes on to say that things today are about the same they were decades ago when newspapers, black and white TV, and radio took over people’s lives.

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However, does this mean that we represent a “better or a disconnected” humanity? Check out this video to find out…

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