JOB SEARCH / DEC. 16, 2015
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Are Some Jobs Only For Women? [Video]

Some professions are considered to be specifically tailored for women and others for men. But why is this? Researchers prove that there are certain characteristics found in male and female workers that make them more suitable for the role.

Studies found that 94 percent of firefighters are men and 90 percent of nurses are women. Women are naturally seen as more friendly and compassionate and it, therefore, makes sense they work as nurses whereas men are seen as leaders and are more likely to be firefighters. However, this is no excuse for creating gender stereotypes and, as such, we need to challenge their existence. Check out this video from BuzzFeed and find out how some people have chosen to go against the grain.

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Could we get more women in science and tech or men in teaching jobs? What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

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