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WORKPLACE / JUL. 31, 2013
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Are you a Bad Boss?

Every boss has their good and bad points; this ultimately makes them human and a true to life boss. Provided you are professional, approachable and a good leader, you can earn the respect you deserve as a manger. Unfortunately, not all office environments benefit from a good boss, in fact, many times employees feel micromanaged or criticized with no clear direction or leadership. But how do you know if you are a bad boss? Have you any idea what the tell-tale signs are? Well, if you can relate to any of the points mentioned below, then you may find yourself realizing where you have been going wrong all this time.

Organized Chaos

Have you created confusion and inconsistency in the office? Do your employees know about new rules or procedures in place? If not then you may find that your managerial approach requires some working on.

Do you expect employees to work through breaks?

You may have a mountain of work and deadlines to meet, but expecting employees to skip lunch and work through their break is a sure way of being silently hated.

Criticizing without being constructive

A fundamental rule that you should always abide by is to be constructive at all times when relaying criticism. If you just call out your employees every time they make a mistake, you will not only make them feel worthless but you will damage their confidence and ability to perform well at work.

Do you prioritize yourself over your staff?

If you put yourself before your staff this will not go unnoticed. Your staff want to feel that you are their leader and supporter and will ultimately ‘take one for your team’. If there are deadlines to meet and your team are staying late on a Friday after work, you leaving early for the pub will definitely aggravate your them.

Office politics

As a boss you should remain out of any office politics and certainly avoid any form of office gossip. Your duty is to control any rumors or gossiping and set clear boundaries for staff members to abide by. If you are sat gossiping with your staff, you will have no respect and could potentially jeopardize your job.


Are you constantly breathing down the necks of your staff? Do you insist on checking up on them every two minutes? If so then you are a micromanager, and this is not a management style to boast! You must give your employees room to progress and achieve tasks on their own. Provide regular training for them and you will find that you are respected and appreciated as a manager.

Stretching the truth

As a manager, you must be as honest as possible, even if it means being rather brutal at times. Lies and ‘stretching the truth’ will only harm the business or its employees in the end.

Credit where credit’s due

A sure way of being referred to as a ‘bad’ boss is to take the credit for tasks done when you are not the one who achieved them. Taking the credit away from your hard working employees is one of the worst character traits to have and will ultimately guarantee that your staff think of you as a mean and unfair manager.


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