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WORKPLACE / MAR. 25, 2015
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Are You Disengaged at Work? [Infographic]

Disengaged employees have certain characteristics, and that’s the reason why it’s easy to identify them at work. They are not relatively hard to spot because they often look disengaged and uninterested in their job, anyway. Also, you will notice that they often complain about stuff at work, they gossip a lot, and they are not willing to help their co-workers.

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This infographic from Officevibe presents you the 13 personality traits each disengaged employee possesses to help you identify whether you or your coworkers are disengaged at work but haven’t realised it yet!

Key traits of disengaged employees

  1. They make complaints.
  2. They make excuses.
  3. They lack enthusiasm.
  4. They don’t help others.
  5. They gossip.
  6. They lie.
  7. They’re know-it-alls.
  8. They work alone.
  9. They are irresponsible.
  10. They lack initiative.
  11. They make no questions.
  12. They are often distracted.
  13. They are not interested in progress.

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Check out this infographic to figure out whether you or your co-workers are disengaged at work!

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