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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Candidate?

We rely on our observations, perceptions and gut feeling more often than not when it comes to deciding the fate of an interviewee. Simply put – are they good enough in your mind? If you believe they are, you need to ask yourself - why? Was it their character, or their skills that swayed your vote of confidence in them? 

As a recruiter, it is necessary for you to know exactly why you are offering someone the job because you may need to justify this at a later date. Therefore, your observations of a candidate during an interview are paramount; no longer can you rely on their perfect responses as a reason to hire, you must instead delve deeper into the psyche of each candidate to assess how they truly feel about the job.

Here are some useful tips on what you should be observing and what it can tell you about the candidate:

First impression


 A candidate who is eager to impress, and whom has done their research, will know who you are and will introduce themselves to you confidently. They will be excited (even if a bit nervous) to meet with you as this is their chance to shine and hopefully secure the job of their dreams.

If a candidate looks overly nervous or too laid back, they may either be too shy for the job, or simply not care whether they get it or not. This usually happens when candidates go for job interviews for the sake of ‘getting a job’ rather than ‘securing their dream job’.


A candidate who is keen to show off their professional persona and serious attitude to the interview will turn up in a smart, clean and neatly iron suit. Those who wear a shirt and tie or blouse, and a dark colored suit jacket and trousers, will be taken more seriously in an interview.

If the candidate shows up in casual clothing, or revealing too much skin, it can be assumed that they are unaware of what is suitable and appropriate, and they may even be trying to use their looks to their advantage.

The interview – Body Language

The body language of a candidate will reveal everything you need to know! They may be answering your questions with the perfect answer, but their body language could be saying something completely different.


If they sit forward in their seat they could be displaying anxiety, whereas being slumped back can reveal a disinterest in the job. Are they sat with their arms or legs crossed? For example, whilst they say they are an extrovert, crossed arms can imply an introvert character.  

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