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Are You Prepared for These Top 10 Bizarre Interview Questions?

The following 10 questions have actually been presented during interviews. At first glance our immediate reaction is “what?”, and we frown. Although when digging deeper into the rational supporting the question; it is clear to see that the questions carry several psychological underlining reasons geared to catch you off guard to see how you react when posed with a difficult situation under pressure.

Check out the top 10 bizarre interview questions below.

1. “How would you market spoiled milk?”

This clearly has marketing value, leaving the floor open for you to actually show off, despite requesting an insight into how you would market a product which is not desirable. Remember should you ever be asked this or the popular “what is marketing?” (one of the most common questions to catch people out) your answer should encompass the following: marketing is the management process responsible for anticipating, identifying and satisfying the customer needs profitably. Whether its milk or any product/service; tailor your answer to the question using this definition. Who could make use of spoiled milk? Tailor your answer to suit that target audience!

2. “You are shrunk and trapped in a blender… how do you get out?”

This looks into your on-the-spot resourceful skills, when placed in an environment which proves near impossible to escape from. To which you will answer that you always keep a small legal survival set on your key ring; which you will use to disarm the motor mechanism controlling the blade should the blender be switched on!

3. “Do you make the bed every morning?”

This question is asked to gauge your level of organization. They will be looking to see if your task management skills are present within your own personal life. Your answer to this will be “yes”, you were raised with daily chores and your own character is considered to be pedantic by nature. You like to plan ahead for every event including making your own bed, so important that you get up earlier than necessary for work because organisation is important to you as a person.

4. “If you were any object in a kitchen what would you be and why?”

A question which looks deeper into your ingenious and imaginative chain of thought, when identifying one single tool (of many) to which would prove most useful. You could say that you would be a measuring cup as you are always very precise with your work and make sure you are always reliable. A measuring cup is a consistent and dependable tool.

5. “At first glance, what do you hate about me?”

Use your warmest, friendliest and most attractive laugh that you have, this will lighten the mood and hopefully encourage them to smile in contagion. Smiles are infectious use your personal skills here to shine through and state that you have no way to answer this question. Then… make light of the situation further by telling them their shoes are nicer than yours despite polishing them for hours before your interview. This flips your answer to then an envious lighthearted compliment steering away from what was originally a death trap.

6. “How many people do you think voted in the last election?”

Ok what? There are so many variables to consider when answering that question. However, this is a ploy to scratch at the surface of your current political views. There is no way to answer this without specifically knowing the vote counts. Before your interview you will imprint this vote count number into your mind and sever the connections with other runners in the campaign for elections. You say that when you dedicate a vote you dedicate your attention to the benefits of that person in the run for president, followed by “President Obama received approximately 61,911,000 votes in 2012”. By remembering one number, you can now sit back and enjoy the benefits of answering a question many would not know how to respond to.

7. “How many basketballs do you think can fit into this room?”

The role to which you are applying may or may not be of a scientific nature, this question gauges your ability to think on your feet mathematically. To answer that directly you would need to know the dimensions, do not ask them what they are. Instead your answer will be, that presuming (not that you have presumed by looking around) the room would be around 10ftx10ftx10ft or (3m x 3m x 3m); it would be close to 1728 inflated basketballs if they were all tightly packed. Un-inflated basketballs i.e. flattened, you further answer that 12 flattened basketballs fit into a 1 foot cubed space. Therefore you could fit 12,000 basketballs in a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed. Right these numbers in a little part of your notebook.

8. “Who would win in a fight: a shark or an alligator?”

This is to understand how you will answer a question of circumstance to which the answer is variable and never guaranteed. Don’t worry, this is also easily answered by explaining that you recently watched a nature program which identifies that a either a killer whale, alligator or any large animal capable of enough strength, would win the fight against even the mightiest great white. On the basis that during the fight, if the shark is turned upside down, this releases a natural paralysis chemical which places the shark into a term known as “tonic immobility”. The shark is then unresponsive and cannot move let alone take part in a battle.

9. “Why are manhole covers round?”

A great way to catch you of guard- isn’t it interesting when we tailor our perception, regarding the method to madness such as this, which actually subliminally identifies a structural and engineering standpoint? Explain that a round manhole cover cannot fall through its circular opening, whereas many other shapes may fall through should it be inserted diagonally. For brownie points you can also mention that circular shapes in metal manufacturing are also considered easier to produce.

10. “What do you think about?” (That’s it.)

Rather than think “omg really what?” "WHAT?"... This is an incredible opportunity to show you as a person! This opens up a massive opportunity for you to pave the way to getting to know you as an individual. Tell them you focus most of your attention on your hobbies, or career ambitions, or friends, or family or even pets. Open up to you and take this as a great way to showcase your desire to succeed and/or your 5 year plan. That crazy bizarre question is now your opportunity to take ownership of the situation and make this your own. 

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From answering these questions we hope that the message sent from reading this is all about perception and thinking on your feet. What would first strike you as a strange, weird and crazy question; when breaking it down and identifying the motivations behind the questions, you will then be at a higher advantage than others attending the interview who have not done their homework. How would you have reacted to these questions before reading this?... and now?

Has anyone hit you with one of these difficult questions during an interview? We’d love to hear from you!

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