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Are You the Cause of Workplace Stress?

As much as you may not want to admit it, you could be the cause of your employees’ stress levels reaching the roof! You may think you are a great manager, and whilst you get the results you need, you could be losing your employees’ respect in the meantime. It is vital that you adopt a firm but fair management style, and all the while ensure that you are managing your staff in an objective way.

How to tell if the cause of the problem is you:

  • Do you give regular feedback to your employees?
  • Do you offer constructive criticism?
  • Do you allow employees to come to you with any problems they may have?
  • Is the workplace environment relaxed or fun?
  • Are you considered to be a respected boss?
  • Do you have excellent communication skills?
  • Do your employees offer to do overtime without you asking?
  • Do you realistic targets for your staff?

If you answered no to most of the above questions, then it is likely that your management style is the root problem of workplace stress.

How can you reduce the stress levels of your employees?

#1 Cap the number of hours that employees can work overtime

#2 Provide onsite refreshments such as coffee, tea and biscuits

#3 Arrange work nights out or office parties to show staff you care

#4 Set up a reward system when employees who meet targets are rewarded accordingly

#5 Give regular feedback and make it constructive at all times

#6 Arrange employee appraisals and performance reviews

#7 Take the time to get to know your staff

#8 Set achievable and realistic targets

#9 Improve your communication skills with your staff

#10 Create a more relaxed and productive workplace environment rather than a pressured and stressed one

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