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Are Your Countless Hours At Work Affecting Your Dog?

So your job doesn't allow you to bring your canine friend to work. You’re out of the house for more than 8 hours a day and leave your dog home anxious to see you when you get back.

Man’s best friends are truly loyal to their owners. Sad, lonely and bored dogs vocalize their feelings without remorse. Crying, whining, barking and howling, they’ll let you know when their feeling depressed.

If they are taking it further by urinating, chewing and causing destruction to household items, you need to fix it before your house gets destroyed.

Your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety. It takes on many forms and can feel unbearable to your pet; they might become agitated or feel depressed prior to you leaving. When you come back, it may seem to them like you’ve been gone for years. They pretty much attack you for some love because they’ve felt abandoned.

We have to understand that dogs are social beings. They understand that they are a part of our family, and as humans we should realize that when human or canine­­ is deprived of a companion, it hurts. With regular training and routine, however, you can reduce your pet’s anxiety and eventually eliminate their constant need for attention.

5 Easy Things That You Can Do

  • Take him for a walk right before you leave for work. If you can’t take him out engage him in intense play session. The point is to release serotonin in the brain, which causes a calming happy feeling. You will also tire them out, making them more likely to sleep while you are out.
  • Leaving on the TV or radio causes them to feel less anxious. The sound will occupy their senses and they will have something to focus on besides the silence.
  • Buy a pheromone spray. You can buy them as a spray, plug-in or even as a collar. The smell is used to keep your dog calm under stressful situations.
  • I notice if I leave a blanket or shirt that I was using near my dog, he’ll automatically flock to it and sleep. Dogs love smelling things and when they smell you it is truly comforting to them. If you do this, don’t make a big deal when you get home, walk in and ignore your attention-seeking pet. I know, it’s hard.
  • Buy a food dispensing toy that will keep your dog busy. Dogs love treats, but these toys are like interactive puzzles that they will spend all their time trying to figure out. That means less time worrying about when you’re coming home or destroying the place.

If this doesn't seem to solve the problem then you can look into doggy daycare or if it’s really serious then a dog psychologist will be able to recommend something.

I have a Chihuahua-Maltese mix that whines all the time, but luckily doesn’t destroy the house. What type of dog do you have? What do you think your dog does all day while you’re at work? Comment below…

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