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Career Testing
Career Testing
Career Testing
closeup of the hand of a man who is signing a resignation letter
WORKPLACE / SEP 19, 2017

Congratulations! You’ve found a new job and you’re preparing to move onto greener fields. But before you start packing your belongings and gleefully call out ‘Later...

zero hour contract

Finding any job can be tricky in this day and age, and many employees are getting trapped in boring professions they didn't set out for. But everyone needs to get a job...

i quit written on book
WORKPLACE / SEP 15, 2017

Even if you hate your job, telling your boss that you are leaving is more nerve-wracking than the interview you had to get the job you accepted three years ago. Many of...

woman frustrated with bad company culture

Interviewing is hard! Your mind is focused on getting through the tedious process without messing it up, and praying that the employer will like you. You happily accept...

i can motivate myself
WORKPLACE / SEP 11, 2017

Let’s face it, even the most positive of us occasionally hit a wall and find ourselves wondering off as the demotivation kicks in at work - no matter how much you love...

Woman with cat lying on desk
WORKPLACE / SEP 07, 2017

Office pets: they’re the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, the gnat’s elbow, the monkey’s eyebrows, the duck’s quack, the turtle’s neck, the dog’s b*llocks… You get the point...

woman exercising at her desk
WORKPLACE / AUG 31, 2017

You’ve just started your dream job, spending over 8 hours a day glued to your desk to prove that you do have what it takes to excel in your career. You’re eating...

brand personality examples

Red Bull has it. So does Apple – in spades. And so do countless other less well-known but very successful brands. The marketers amongst you will already know what I’m...

Berlin Cathedral

Germany – it’s not all about bratwurst, beer and the Autobahn. It also happens to be one of the best countries to work in. It has a thriving economy, with many employers...

Micromanaging boss watching through blinds
WORKPLACE / AUG 11, 2017

Micromanaging bosses. Everybody’s had at least one of them at some point in their career. They’re the second-guessers of every decision you make, the helicopters that...

Justin Bieber and Drake
SALARIES / AUG 04, 2017

While becoming a singer is the childhood dream of many people, very few people are fortunate enough to achieve it. Of course, there’s a lot more involved than a bit of...

Man using calculator
SALARIES / JUL 26, 2017

There comes a time in every job when you feel that you need to ask for a raise. Maybe it’s because you’ve been with the same company for many years and it seems your...

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