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How to Attract Candidates to Your Company Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that enables users to collect images that inspire them and post them on a series of boards. The boards can be labeled any name that the user wishes and are used for various purposes, from sharing recipes to swapping DIY ideas.

The recent success of Pinterest has also seen many Pinners – from recruiters to job seekers – using the platform as a way to achieve recruitment success. Pinterest is fast becoming a go-to option for those looking to enhance their career profile or find unique and interesting candidates for their available vacancies. There are a number of ways that you can use Pinterest as part of your recruitment strategy, as outlined below:

Pin the jobs

Use Pinterest to advertise your available jobs. Be visually appealing and focus on the culture of the company, the nature of the job being advertised and the essential skills required for the position.

Use an interactive approach

One of the most appealing things about Pinterest is the fact that every pin has the potential to link to an alternative website. This means that you have the potential to post a pin that links to an interactive platform, enabling job seekers to post queries and interact with the company.

Use videos about the culture of the company

Pinterest is not simply about images and many members use the platform to post videos. Create a video demonstrating the culture of your company and the kind of people that you are looking for.

Creating videos will also help to filter out those candidates that are not suited to your company’s culture, which means that you are more likely to receive a refined job seeker base via Pinterest.


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