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How to Attract Repeat Freelance Writing Business

One of the best ways of finding freelance writing jobs is by seeking repeat business from former clients. Someone you have worked with before is more likely to trust you than a new client you have just encountered. Having several loyal clients will ensure a constant flow of work, and thus more profits for your freelance writing business.

Here are some great tips for getting repeat clients:

1. Focus on clients you would like to work with again

Only ask for more work from someone who you would want to work with again. If you had an unpleasant experience dealing with a particular client, don’t bother asking for more work. For instance, if your client violated some terms of your agreement, it would not be advisable to work with them in future. In such a case, simply thank them for the opportunity and move on.

2. Find out if the client needs anything more

When submitting work to a customer, find out if they need anything else. For instance, you might discover that they need some edits and revisions on other previously written material. Or they might have another similar project coming up soon. If your client is happy with your work, they would be more than willing to entrust future projects to you.

3. Ask for more work

After delivering a project, inform your customer that you would love to work with them again. Let them know that you had a great time working on the completed project and that they can get in touch with you for their future writing needs. If there are no further jobs at the moment, wait for a month or two and then contact the client to let them know that you are still available.

When asking for more work, don’t forget to highlight the projects you have delivered to the client previously. Many clients are very busy people and are therefore likely to forget your work. A gentle reminder will jog their memory and enhance your chances of getting repeat business.

4. Resell your services

If you have expanded into new areas of writing, take time to update your clients. For example, though they might know you as a finance writer, you might have ventured into other specialty niches such as sports, fashion, fitness or technology. Besides your areas of expertise, you should also update your clients on your availability.

5. Ask for referrals

If your client was satisfied with your work, request them for references to other people that would be interested in your services. Don’t assume that the client will automatically tell the whole world about you just because they loved your work. Asking for references will prompt them to think about it. Even if they cannot think of anyone right away, they are likely to remember you when someone mentions that they are looking for a writer.


Freelance projects should never be viewed as a one-time thing. Take time to build strong relationships with your clients. This will create long-term work for you and help avoid dry seasons in your freelance writing career.

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