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How to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

You may have an excellent idea for a blog, but there’s no guarantee that people will visit and comment on your site. There’s a blog on practically every subject under the sun. And given the intense competition, getting your blog off the ground is easier said than done. This isn’t meant to discourage you. But it’s important that you understand the most effective ways to attract traffic to your blog.

Write Well and Be Consistent

You may have a lot to say and good ideas, but if you have poor writing skills, you won’t find loyal readers. Before drafting your first blog post, be realistic about your writing skills. You don’t need an English or creative writing degree to start a blog, but you should understand how to write a grammatically correct post.

Plenty of online resources can help improve your writing. Plus, the more you blog, the easier it’ll be to improve your skills. Still, you need to understand the basics before you start.

Additionally, if you want to attract traffic to your blog, you need to post on a regular basis. If your posts are interesting, readers will come back for new content. But if your postings are few and far in between, readers might become antsy and go elsewhere. Ideally, you should post at least once a day or once every other day.

Respond to Comments

The comment section is how you interact with your audience. They can share points they’ve enjoyed and make recommendations. Unfortunately, all comments won’t be positive. Nonetheless, the more you interact with your audience, the more likely they’ll come back for more.

Include Keywords in Your Blog Posts

Blog posts should focus on providing useful information, and less on search engine optimization. Keywords are important, but these should appear naturally within a post. There are tricks for good keyword placement. For example, place your primary keyword in the first and last sentence of your posts. Include a keyword once in every paragraph, and when creating tags and descriptions for images.

Look for Guest Blogging Opportunities

If you’re a newbie, guest blogging on other sites introduces you to the blogosphere, and ultimately attracts new traffic to your own blog. When seeking guest blogging opportunities, select websites that cover topics in your niche -- this is the audience you need. Check these blogs for specific guest posting guidelines, and follow these guidelines when submitting your pitch. Make sure you have clips or links to published work. This way, the blog owner can review your work.

Use Social Media

Social media is an excellent resource for driving traffic to your blog. After finishing a post, share this post on various platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus. Ask those in your circle to share your posts. If people enjoy what they read, and if you offer valuable information, they’ll return to read your new post.

Comment on Other Blogs

Not only should you respond to comments made on your blog, you should visit other blogs regularly and post comments. Commenting on other blogs and offering insightful information gets your name out in the open. And the more people see your name and blog web address, the more likely they’ll visit your site and become a fan.

It takes time to drive traffic to a blog – especially a new blog. But if you provide useful content, optimize your blog for the web and take advantage of social media, your traffic will gradually increase.

What traffic-driving tips have worked for your blog or site? You thoughts comments below please…


Image Credit: Blog by Dimitar Nikolov via Flickr

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