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How to Fine-Tune Your Authentic Writing Voice

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Discovering and improving one’s unique voice as a writer is a continuous process. In fact, that is what creativity is all about. An individual writing voice is not elusive at all; it is an intrinsic part of every writer waiting to be unleased. A unique writing voice is essential for students especially those in high schools and colleges. Check out the suggestions below as you go ahead with improving that authentic writing voice.

Engage in Different Writing Genres

As a writer that has been writing constantly in a particular genre, it can be scary to venture out of your comfort zone. Your mind is probably trained to think that familiar territory is the safest option. But it’s time to plunge into the type of writing that you’ve always dreaded. You may ask why? Well, you might actually find it interesting once you start writing. Or perhaps there is a story that you love and wish was written differently - you can rewrite it in your own words. No matter your reasons it will boost your confidence as a writer. 

Visualize Your Audience

Before you start writing, take a moment to picture the audience for the particular book or article that you are about to write. It should be noted that there is a specific tone that works with each audience. Getting to know more about your audience will make you a more effective writer. Find out how you can write in a way that they will find appealing. Visualize the expression on their faces and the type of feelings that you want the book or article to evoke.  

Read Alot

It goes without saying that the best writers out there are avid readers. They don’t limit themselves and it’s a habit for them to read on a wide variety of topics and genres like classic novels, flash fiction, short stories, comics, journals and blog posts. Apart from using what they read in their writing, their knowledge base keeps increasing which they apply in their day-to-day life. Analysing how different authors write and the word structures used opens a writer to various views. People, situations and their environments can also be observed by reading widely.

Be Passionate About Writing

It has been proven over time that passionate writers are often fulfilled. Without passion, writing becomes a chore and anything produced in this state is void of spirit. Passion helps to infuse raw emotion and personality into your writing, and gives it life as you write from the soul. To keep your passion alive, it might be helpful to use a college essay writing service because it can be hard to get excited about academic essays.

Write Freely

A timer can be set for 15 minutes or more. The goal is to write as many words as possible within the allotted time. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, editing can be done later. Doing this regularly is a sure way to improve your writing voice. As you write, remember to use simple words. Stop agonizing about perfection, just write.

Do you use any of the tips mentioned above in your writing? Let us know in the comments section below…

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