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JOB SEARCH / JUN. 26, 2013
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How to Avoid Identity Theft When Job Searching

As the amount of individuals being unemployed has increased, there has been a steady growth within identity theft and credit card fraud cases. It has become imperative that job seekers carefully consider the implications of applying for a job online and take the necessary precautions to avoid any negative repercussions. 

The following are some steps that job seekers can take in order to avoid identity theft through online job scams:

Use reputable recruitment websites

When applying for jobs through the internet, it is integral to utilize reputable and well-known agencies. Through using authentic recruitment websites, individuals are able to ensure that they do not provide sensitive information to the wrong agency.

Attention to job description

Some scammers register themselves on known recruitment websites to pose as potential recruiters. Job seekers are advised to scan the job post to avoid applying for these job vacancies and search for clues that indicate the invalidity of the job such as inappropriate or unofficial email addresses.

Be cautious when providing financial information

Be wary of companies that require your financial information, such as bank account information and credit card information. Employers do not require any kind of preliminary payment for offering you an interview therefore it is important to report such cases to the relevant website administration.

Do not provide personal information

Job seekers are often asked to complete online job application forms that require personal information such as address, social security number or phone number. It is advised to refrain from providing such information in emails as it can result in identity theft and fraud.

Research company background

In today’s day and age, the majority of companies recruiting through online recruitment portals have direct links to their official websites to cement their online presence. Job seekers have the opportunity to visit these sites to determine the authenticity of their job vacancy.

By following the above mentioned tips and advice, job seekers can reduce the risk of being a victim to online identity theft scams. 

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