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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 22, 2013
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How to Avoid These Common Job Searching Mistakes?

Frustrating and difficult – that is job searching summarized in two words. With the saturated job market and high unemployment rates, a number of job seekers are finding it challenging to find a job with ease. Gone are the days when you graduated from university with a job in your pockets, or when hard work actually resulting in career development. The recession has left individuals grabbing at the last straws in terms of finding suitable jobs, and it is time that you take every measure to help land a job.

Want to land the job of your dreams? It is high time that you stopped making these common and often overlooked mistakes:

Overlooking Job Resources

In today’s day and age, there are numerous resources available to us to search for jobs – both online and offline. Job seekers often forget to conceptualize their job search and fail to notice many mediums. When you are searching for jobs, make sure you research the industry, find specific companies that are relevant to your qualification and experience. Then you can either search according to the company website or on online recruitment platforms.

Moreover, you can search for job posts in industry trade journals, magazines, newsletters and newspapers. Jobs are being posted on every single platform available, they key is to determine the most relevant and important job board to find suitable job vacancies.

Not Proofreading the Job Application

The first and foremost impression you make on an employer is through your job application. This comprises of your CV and cover letter. This is the first contact you have with the employer, as well as the determining form of contact as the employer will invite you for an interview based on the contents of your professional CV and cover letter.

A surprising number of candidates forget to proofread their job application, leaving in spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that can cost you the job. Make sure that you take the initiative and proofread your job application, as well as ask someone else to give it a read.

No Thank You Note

A large proportion of recruiters are hiring candidates based on their personality rather than skill set or experience. The primary reason behind this unconventional recruitment is that while you can teach a person skills and abilities, you cannot mould their personality according to your company culture.

As a result of this shift in hiring strategy, employers are emphasizing the importance of sending ‘Thank You’ notes post-interview. This is an easy method of showing your personality as well as demonstrating how eager you are to get the job. 

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