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WORKPLACE / FEB. 10, 2017
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20 Best Bad Boss Memes to Make You Laugh


We’ve all had bad bosses; some unfortunate souls still have them. And they can be hell on earth to work for. But, don’t worry; it’s OK to snigger under your breath.

If you currently have a horrible boss, I feel for you…let me help a little bit with these scathing, hilarious Bad Boss Memes. Enjoy them friend; you have earned it through years of mental and physical anguish.

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Legally Grey

legit imgflip

OK, so maybe we’ve all been guilty of being less than ethical, but this is definitely illegal…also would you do that just for contracts?

Never Listen to Your Boss

bad boss memes why did you do that quickmeme

You don’t do your job, you get yelled at.  Do your job exactly as they tell you, you get yelled at again, it makes perfect sense, right?

Completely Illegal


Firing someone because they pointed out their basic rights is just plain illegal. But, how many bosses care these days?

I Can Do Whatever I Want

bad boss memes I don't care that you can't work mornings quickmeme

It feels like your horrible boss’s job is to make your life more difficult. Well it's not just you, it happens to lots of people. 

Practice What You Preach

boss man douche imgflip

Yeah, the douchiest and laziest of douche-bag moves.

The Micro-manager

bad boss memes micro manager teenage

Some bad bosses believe that they are not micromanaging you when they are asking all these questions.  To be honest, I am not sure what they think they’re doing- being a nosy boss?

Pay Inequality = Low Overhead

sexist boss imgflip

OK, if you know someone that has done this please, please report them.

The Dictator

bad boss memes yelling at you teenage


No One Likes Initiative

scumbag boss imgflip

Really? When someone saves you money, you're supposed to say “Thank You.”

We Are All One Big (Shitty) Family

bad boss memes call me sir 1mut

Maybe they are taking us back to the 1950s when children used to call their fathers “sir” and mothers “ma’am”?

But You Said

scumbag boss imgflip

Ok, to be fair we don’t know how slow the employee was in the aforementioned scenario.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

bad boss memes barely works at all quickmeme

A good boss would set a great example and motivate their employees, but guess what bad bosses do? Yep, they work as little as possible!


scumbag boss imgflip

Yeah, that’s exactly what that seems like to me.

Leave Everything to the Last Minute

bad boss memes 20 random tasks quickmeme

Iron (ic) Boss

bad boss memes beautiful day quickmeme

What a beautiful day to spend inside four walls and with annoying people who act like they are the king of the world.

Great Leadership, Great Motivation

boss imgflip

This macho, "I speak my mind", crap is for idiots. There are more delicate ways to say things.

The Considerate Boss

bad boss memes hard at work funscrape

Gee…thanks boss.

(Un) Realistic Expectations

bad boss memes deliver nine babies in one month quickmeme

All horrible bosses know nothing about patience…they want something, and they want it NOW!

Fast Meeting

bad boss memes long fast meeting 1mut

This will be a quick and casual after work meeting with only a few tasks…four hours later and it’s 10 o’clock at night and still need to be at work the next day all freshened up and ready

Captain My Captain!

great man imgflip

Leaders are in the trenches with their women and men…bosses, on the other hand, are far, far away from the fray.

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Do you have any boss memes? Show them proudly below...this is a safe place.

This article was origianly published in May 2016.

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