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JOB SEARCH / SEP. 07, 2014
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How to be Proactive in Your job Search When you Graduate

Successful job search can take a long time especially when you are a new graduate. But starting early and taking a proactive stance towards the job search can do wonders for your efforts to land a job. Being proactive in your job search means that you decide what positions and what companies you love to work for. This process requires you to start with industry and organizational research and a lot of networking so that you find jobs before they are even posted.  

If you are a fresh graduate, you are better off taking a proactive approach in order to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job. Follow these steps and you will be miles ahead of the competition:

Start from Campus

Your research efforts should start from campus. As such try to understand on-campus recruiting cycles for the various sectors (fall or spring) so you don’t stress out pointlessly, but at the same time don’t miss out on important opportunities. Familiarize yourself with the events calendar and take note of any employer presentations and career events (career fair, workshops, panels, on-campus interviews)

Here are the best tips to come on top campus job fairs

Conduct Organizational research

Start with collecting as much information as possible about employers that interest you and understand what they do, vision, recruiting strategies and so on. As soon as you find out information about these employers target those that interest you and eliminate those that don’t. Try to find potential contacts to reach out to for informational interviews.

Know how Companies Hire and What they Want

The next step involves identifying hiring cycles and learning more about the company’s hiring strategies – Do they hire online? Do they conduct on-campus interviews? When do they hire? Do they have specific deadlines for applications?

Most importantly, explore in-depth information about:

- Education and skill requirements

- Typical entry level positions

- Internship opportunities

- Personality traits that are especially valued

- Industry trends and projections

- Salary information

How to conduct research?

There are various ways to conduct research. One of these are through professional associations which in turn give you access to professionals in your field. You can also look into several industry publications such as the Business Week, and the Wall Street Journal if you are interested in business. Doing so, will help you get a better understanding of trends related to your industry and it will also prepare you to have an intelligent conversation with professionals in your field.

In addition to this, make the most of career data banks and career events taking place at your university or college.

Other proactive steps that you should take involve networking and preparing a short pitch or elevator speech that sums up and outlines your skills, experiences, trainings, education, and accomplishments.

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