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How to be Your Boss's Favourite

Becoming your boss’s favourite should not be confused with sycophancy, or turning into a slave. However, a good relationship with your boss goes a long way in helping you to grow in your career. More so, whatever the boss says about you whether good or bad will definitely affect your career growth inside and outside the organization. Considering that the boss is such an integral person in your life, what can you do to become his favourite? Below are a few tips that can give you some ideas.

Dedication and Hard work

Bosses do not like lazy workers, who never finish their tasks on time. Remember that management rates the person in charge of a project according to the performance of their team. Put a lot of effort in your work by reporting on time and performing all the stipulated responsibilities. Minimize social engagements during working hours including using the office phone to make private calls or spending most of your time chatting with friends on the internet. Even after finishing the assigned tasks, do not take out a novel and start reading because this is a sign of being idle. Furthermore, no organization pays employees to do personal duties in the offices. Whenever, you are free, go to your boss and ask for other additional tasks and you will definitely become his favourite.


You should update the boss about your work on a daily basis. In most offices, employees are allocated projects in advance and provided with the deadline. Everyone in the team is expected to deliver their part to ensure success. Avoid dragging the other employees down by not finishing your part before the due date. Also, ask your boss any questions concerning the project before starting the task to avoid confusion.


Majority of employees badmouth their boss and the company to their colleagues. The most amazing thing is that the boss always finds out and considers it as a sign of disrespect. Others bypass the line manager when reporting a problem at work by going directly to the top hierarchies. It is always important to talk to your immediate supervisor first, so that he can try and come up with a solution before taking it to the next hierarchical level. More so, remember that your boss is human, so do not go around making fun of his mistakes.

Adhere to Company Policies

Ensure you adhere to the reporting and leaving hours stipulated by the organization. More so, if you are allowed a 30-minute lunch break, do not extend it to take a stroll, visit friends or smoke a cigarette. Additionally, avoid taking a break during the busy periods at the workplace, as this will definitely annoy your boss. Furthermore, if you want to take a leave, inform your immediate supervisor in advance, so that he can re-organise his schedule.

Solve Problems on Your own

Learn to solve small problems on your own without always running to the boss.   By so doing, you prove that you are proactive and you also possess various analytical skills that will help the company to prosper.  


Your boss is one of the most important persons in your life when it comes to career growth and development. Carrying out your duties with these points in consideration not only puts you on your boss’s good side, but makes you a noteworthy employee for future reference and promotion.


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