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How to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness

Being happy at work matters. It’s time to debunk the myth that it doesn’t matter. There are clear neurological links between how we feel, how we think and how we behave. Moreover, study after study has shown that happy workers are better workers. They are more engaged with their work, they work harder and smarter (check out the work by neuroscientist Richard Davidson and Shawn Achor, for starters).

Assuming you agree that your happiness matters, check out this cute infographic by the start-up company Happify, a company that aims to make people happy using scientifically-proven methods. Users can experience their happiness levels increasing, and their stress levels decreasing through a concerted commitment to the suggested activities, games and tasks, all produced by Happify’s army of experts.

Causes of Stress

If you find yourself continually stressed by worrying over any combination of money, work or the economy, which this infographic suggests are the major sources of stress, you’ll find some helpful techniques to help reduce your stress levels such as the following:

  • “Think Teflon, not Velcro”: cultivate a ‘water off a duck’s back’ attitude towards setbacks. Research shows that people who hold on to their stress levels are less healthy than those who let their worries go.
  • Find a park: according to Happify’s experts, a “nature walk” lowers fatigue and boosts feelings of happiness.
  • Get social: a quick chat with a friend can do wonders for your feeling of wellbeing and is a buffer for burnout.
  • Add humour to your day: you can now justify your browsing through humour blogs at work! Laughter has long been seen as ‘the best medicine’, indeed through the genesis of time, and it’s just as effective today.

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Happiness is important and emotions matter. Brain science and organizational research have shown that to be the case.

Time to visit that park, then? Your thoughts and comments below please...


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