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How to Become a Chalet Host

Chalet Host

A chalet host works in chalets or apartments at ski resorts and offers great hospitality to the guests. They are fully responsible for looking after the guests and providing them with meals as well as overlook the general running of the chalet. Some larger chalets, may have a chalet chef or have two chalet hosts. Their aim is to make the guests’ stay as enjoyable as possible and work closely with them to exceed their needs. Every day is different for the chalet host, it is a challenging seasonal job but very rewarding and a great way of working during a gap year or just doing something entirely different.

What is the Role of a Chalet Host?

The main duties of a chalet host are:

  • To prepare breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and 3 course dinner for guests
  • To be responsible for the welfare of the guests
  • To be responsible for the cleanliness of the chalet
  • To encourage guest participation in activities
  • To budget and account for produce/cleaning materials
  • To create dinner party menus
  • To meet and greet new guests
  • To prepare bedding and provide laundry service as well as make up beds
  • To serve all meals

Some tasks that you may be required to do are:

  • Catering for special diets
  • Child care
  • Work in conjunction with the chalet chef (if available), resort team and manager
  • Represent positively the tour operator
  • Meet resort sales targets
  • Complete administration as appropriate

Basic Requirements and Qualifications

Chalet hosts should be over 18 years old and have at least 4 GCSEs (or equivalent) including Maths and English or a good high school education.  Customer service or hospitality experience is important and catering and accounting skills are an added advantage. Kitchen experience and a good eye for food and local food knowledge are a huge bonus as are languages such as French, German, Italian and Russian.

Good qualities and skills that a Chalet Host should have are:

  • Communication
  • Friendly and warm nature
  • Energy
  • Flexibility
  • Sense of humour
  • Enthusiasm
  • Organization
  • Commitment
  • Patience

How to Apply

Most Chalet Host jobs are advertised on the holiday companies’ websites prior to the winter season, between September and October. Sometimes they are advertised by agencies or locally in the case of an independent hotel.

Training may take place prior to the season both in your own country and in your assigned country, on the job. You may have to pay for basic training but this will be refunded at the end of the season.

Hours, Salary and Benefits

The work is seasonal with most jobs just being available between November and March depending on the destination.  You will work a 6 day week and up to 12 hours a day providing day and evening duties for a 3 to 6 month period. Hours may be 6am to 11pm with time off in between.

Salary is on a basic monthly basis plus tips.


Minimum per month

Maximum per month

Chalet Host

400 GBP

600 GBP


Other benefits may include flights to the assigned resort, accommodation and food. The company may also have a reduced staff rate for travel/holidays and you may be offered a ski pass.

Future Opportunities

You can move up to chalet chef, chalet manager or resort manager after a couple of years’ experience. You may be able to work as a resort representative or decide to climb the ladder in local hospitality and hotels. You may be assigned to different countries in future contracts, the more experience you have, the more opportunities you will have to land a job in your chosen destination.  For most, the chalet host role is very rewarding and fun and is perfect for those wanting to improve their language skills and go skiing on their time off.

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