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How to Become a Dry Cleaning Business Owner in the UK

Some stains are hard to remove. Some items and other garments cannot be cleaned the normal way either. With the increase in responsibilities in our day-to-day lives, it can be difficult to secure sufficient time to do our laundry. Are you interested in helping other individuals with their laundry for a fee? You can do this by starting a dry cleaning business.

As a dry cleaning business owner, you will typically employ laundry workers to help you clean customers’ clothes, duvets, shoes and curtains using dry cleaning machines.

Even if you lack experience in this trade, a laundry business is pretty easy to start. Here are the steps to take…

Write a Business Plan

Describe how your dry cleaning business will run in writing. Begin by listing the kind of services you want to offer besides cleaning clothes. Examples of additional services include picking up customers’ items from their homes and delivering them after cleaning.

Identify your target market, such as apartment residents, university students or busy professionals, and conduct some market research to know how other dry cleaning businesses in your area meet the needs of this population.

Think of ways to differentiate your business from these competitors. For instance, you could develop an online portal where clients can place their dry cleaning requests, or make the business environment more inviting to customers. Lastly, decide on you marketing strategies, supplies and pricing.

Choose a Location

Choose a suitable location for your business premises. The location should be accessible to your target market. If you target university students, consider renting a space near the institution. It is not advisable to open the business near your competitors. If possible, purchase an existing laundry business near this area.

Purchase Essential Equipment

Order dryers, washers, laundry carts, detergent vending machines and coin machines. For better deals on used gear, look for online auction websites. You can also purchase new equipment from various companies, such as PHS Laundryserv.

Obtain Permits and Registration

In the UK, it is mandatory for all business to be registered. Prospective dry cleaning business owners can apply for a permit, which is issued under the Pollution and Prevention Control Act of 1999. To obtain this permit, you need to ensure that unstable organic compounds’ emissions contain less than 20g of solvent per fabric or any dried material. The aim of this directive is to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer and the emission of pollutants that cause breathing difficulties.

Market your Dry Cleaning Business

You can advertise your business locally through posters or print media. Internet advertising, though a bit costly, is also an ideal way to promote your new business. Be sure to include the list of services your dry cleaning business offers and give incentives to new customers. To differentiate your business from competitors, emphasize on the additional services that you are offering.

Useful Links

When starting out, a dry cleaning business can be costly. You should conduct thorough research on the costs before committing to this venture. You should also gather information on additional charges imposed on laundry business owners, such as sewer connection fees. However, once you hit the ground running, it can be highly profitable business!

To your success!


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