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How to Become a Firefighter in Hong Kong


Want to join the 9,351 other firefighters in Hong Kong’s exemplarily fire service? Here is everything you need to know!

To become a firefighter in Hong Kong, there are a number of entry requirements that must be met before consideration will be given to whether you are suitable for the fire service. However, the type of position you wish to hold in the fire service will ultimately determine the requirements that you must satisfy. For example, the recruitment procedure and entry criteria for a position as a fireman/women varies from that of a station officer.

The position of fireman/women involves performing operational duties including fire fighting and fire protection assignments.

The entry requirements and recruitment procedure for a position as a firefighter:

  1. Possess level 2 or higher in Chinese language and English language.
  2. Additional 3 grades of level E or higher in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination.
  3. Successful completion of an eye test without visual aids.
  4. Fluency in Cantonese.
  5. Candidates must pass the physical fitness test (this involves activities such as pushups, yo-yo endurance test and a vertical jump).
  6. Applicants must also pass a job related performance test (this includes walking up a ladder, tunnel crawls and stair climbs).
  7. Upon successful completion of these test elements, and provided the qualification requirements are met, candidates will then attend a select interview.
  8. Candidates will go through the final recruitment stages after attending the interview. These last stages include having a medical and personal record check.


The training is carried out at the Fire Services Training School (FSTS). At the FSTS you can train as fire and ambulance personnel, whilst the Fire Services Ambulance Command Training School (FSACTS) provides training for paramedic and ambulance personnel.

For individuals wishing to gain further qualifications, there are fire services technology and management skills courses available. 

The training period varies, but courses can range from one day to 26 weeks. Once full training is completed, personnel will then be posted to fire stations and ambulance depots for on-the-job training.

Why join Hong Kong’s fire service?

Qualified firefighters enjoy a range of work related benefits such as; housing allowances, recreation facilities, medical benefits, and paid vacation leave.


According to 2012 figures, the starting salary for a fire fighter is $16,590 and rising as follows:

Pay point 5 - $27,165

Pay point 6 - $28,935

Pay point 7 - $30,665

Pay point 8 - $32,420

Pay point 9 - $34,200

So if you have a love for flames and have a bit of a heroic streek then perhaps this is the right career choice for you.

Smoke your Firefighter Interview

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Want to join the 9,351 other firefighters in Hong Kong’s exemplarily fire service? Here is everything you need to know! To become a firefighter in Hong Kong, there are a...

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