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How to Become a Freelance Virtual Instructor

It’s no secret that the North American and European public education systems are failing their students. Despite the increased funding that schools have received over the years, the results haven’t been anything to brag about. In fact, the more money schools, teachers and unions received, the more stagnant grades have become.

The way children are being taught and instructed in today’s world is dramatically changing. Since the invention of schools and education, children simply sat at their desks and were inundated with facts by teachers. These days, with advancements in technology and the method in which individuals communicate, children and adults can learn new concepts virtually.

In 2006, educator Salman Khan launched the Khan Academy, a non-profit organisation that educates children regarding mathematics, science and other subjects online through YouTube videos. The website has grown in popularity; it has been the subject of television profiles and is now offered in a wide variety of languages.

Essentially, the Khan Academy is certainly innovating the conventional method of teaching.

Let’s face it: Skype, Google Hangout, instant messaging and the like have created new opportunities to communicate, especially for those who live to teach and those who wish to learn. If you want to venture down the path of virtual instructing, online tutoring or educational podcasts then here are some tips on how to become a successful freelance virtual instructor.

Professional Website

Akin to any other freelancer in the fields of writing, web design and translation, a professional website is crucial to getting noticed by prospective clients and becoming successful. A website for a freelance virtual instructor should consist of contact information (email, social media links, Skype address, etc.), experience, credentials and pricing plans.


In order to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s important to have advanced technology: a superb webcam or camera, excellent audio equipment, a simple background and software to make instructing easier and to construct lesson plans simpler.

YouTube Videos

Similar to the Khan Academy, you can start our producing YouTube videos teaching viewers about a certain subject, topic or lesson, whether it’s geometry, grammar, V-E Day or quantum physics.


Although you might have superb education credentials, plenty of experience and the ability to teach, if you want to become a virtual instructor, whether it’s as a freelancer or for an institution, it would be prudent to attain a Virtual Teacher Certificate. This helps add credibility to your services and makes you stand out from your rivals.

Tutoring Websites

If you’re unsure where to connect with potential clients or to offer your services then you’re not alone. There are several websites out there that can improve your business. Here are some of the top venues:



-   Elance




There are numerous philanthropic organisations that provide students with free tutoring classes. If you have yet to list any relevant experience in tutoring or instructing on your resume then garnering some hours as a volunteer can help you make contacts, improve your methods and add more know-how to your CV.

Payment & Billing

Once you establish a virtual instructing venture it’s important to create a PayPal account. On top of this, be sure to use a professional and simple billing template. The information should include contact information, the hours, what was taught and pricing.

Online Participation

Whether it’s for a personal blog or a content farm, maintaining an active presence on the Internet is a nice way to gain recognition and become noticed. The articles should be in relation to your field of instruction, such as mathematics, science, literature or history. This way, you can showcase your knowledge and show off your skills.

Also, think about also signing up to forums or comment on other blogs to gain some online connections and perhaps even a following of your own.

Are you a virtual instructor? How did you network your way to success? Let us know in the comment section.

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