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How to become a Green Entrepreneur

Going Green

If you want to become a green entrepreneur, it is the ideal time to do so. Although, most people start a green business for various reasons, the process is still the same as you would for any other business. You have to do your research, write a good business plan, get your finances in order and market your product or service. It is the same concept.


Of course, as with any other business, you need to get money to start your green business. You can incorporate the funds from family or friends by asking for a loan. Make sure the loan terms are amicable. It is best that you have a written agreement the same as you would with the bank if you were applying for a loan. If you have good credit, you can go to your local banker for a business loan.

Defining Your business

With a green company, you may have a little bit of a challenge in explaining the concept and goal of your business and that is why a business plan is important, but you should also have a pitch to explain in layman’s terms what the business is all about. If you are going into green technology, you must have a good understanding yourself. You don’t want to be selling solar panels, for example and not be able to explain the gist of it. If you are going to choose ways to save on energy, it is better to go with a wind turbine or solar panel business. If you get into fossil fuel, it might be too complex for one person to handle.

Educating the Potential Customer

As a green entrepreneur, you may have to take extra measures to educate your potential customers. You are going to have to convince and persuade them why they need your product. You are also going to need an advertising message on why your green product is better than the non-green product, especially since your price may be higher. You could focus on health reasons. You could start a blog and post daily articles on why people should be using your green product and how the product can possibly enhance their health or help them to save on energy. You could include all the benefits a customer would receive from a product like yours. Show your target consumers the value of ‘going green.’  

Stay Informed

Green technology is still new to many people and in order to be an effective green entrepreneur, you might want to get training, conduct further research or get the most updated and relevant information on the green technology that you are trying to promote. You might also need to know what licensing and certification you may need.

Stay Involved

As a green entrepreneur, stay involved in the industry, but more importantly be involved in the community so you can be part of the green education. In so doing, you will be known for your efforts to keep the environment safe. You should also become a member of as many eco-friendly organizations that you can. You should even stay abreast of government initiatives or start your own initiative to improve the environment.

Becoming a green entrepreneur is not all about earning a profit, but also helping to change people’s lives and their current lifestyle on this planet. You also can make a difference in the political arena by giving a voice to a specific cause. 

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