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How to Become a Millionaire

Becoming a millionanire is, let’s face it, most people’s dream. Despite this dream that most of us share, very few of us are able or ‘capable’ of making the dream a reality. Why? Because determination, the realisation of certain limitations and bad past experiences hold people back.

According to Leo on, most people view themselves as ‘victims’, victims of their experiences, bad feelings, disbelief and uncertainty of their own abilities, and any other factor that may push negative thoughts onto them. Leo states in the video that people who want to become a millionaire must take responsibility for everything that has happened in their lives. Whether it is a negative or positive experience, you need to take full responsibility for everything you do in order to bring about a means to make a million dollars.

The main lesson from the video is to alter your mind set to believe that you can earn much more than what you are currently making in your life. The jump from your average annual salary of $30,000 to making $1 million is large, but it is not impossible. You must believe that it is possible and it is only a matter of time before it happens.

The main factors that you need to empower you as a soon-to-be millionaire are education, success, and the ability to control circumstances around you. If you have in the back of your mind that money is bad, that those who have money have done something bad to get to where they are, that money is hard to come by for the average person, then you will subconsciously build a wall around you that prevents you from earning more money. Your mind is the best tool you have to become a millionaire.

You must rid yourself of these negative beliefs, in order to ensure you focus on your ‘purpose’. Your motivation to make money should be much wider than just ‘making money’. What do I mean? You need to find your passion and work hard towards it. You need to work hard on both yourself and your passion and make this passion your business. By this, I mean make your passion your means to becoming a millionaire.

If you are happy with the Monday-Friday 9-5pm job then this could be an obstacle in your path. You could dream of making a million dollars every night, but if you are satisfied with the 9-5pm career path then you will find that very few positions will allow you to make a vast amount of money working in this environment. Leo states that many people are simply too scared of taking the risk from leaving the security net of the 9-5pm corporate job to become self-employed or to start their own business. But it is this risk, this determination, this belief that you will be better off in life by taking full responsibility and control over your earnings, will see you on the right path to becoming a millionaire.

Let’s face it, very few people are able to become a millionaire by working in a typical corporate or office based role, unless they are CEO for example. So, if you are currently sat at your desk, or reading this article and dreading heading back to the office to punch in your time sheet all for the measly amount they pay you, then watch this video and take notes. You could soon be on the right path to becoming a millionaire.

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