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WORKPLACE / NOV. 25, 2015
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How to Become a PowerPoint Power User [Infographic]

how to become a powerpoint power user infographic

Microsoft PowerPoint is a must-have tool for delivering presentations. Instead of relying on handouts and written notes, this program makes people’s lives a lot easier. In fact, when you think of giving a presentation one of the first words or images that pops into your head is probably PowerPoint. It is used by a wide range of business professionals to communicate and present all kinds of information in every industry or workplace imaginable.

As this is such a widely used tool, being able to take advantage of the more advanced features can give your CV and career a huge boost. If you become the go-to guy for creating amazing PowerPoint presentations in your office, your boss will take notice.

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This infographic produced by STL provides a handful of tips on how to use PowerPoint to maximise the effectiveness of your presentation delivery. It also suggests a number of useful apps that can help you rock your next presentation.

Do you use PowerPoint a lot? Would you say that you are a power user? Your thoughts and comments below please...

Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training

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