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How to Become a Reflexologist

There is a belief that healing comes from nature. Reflexology is a therapy based on this belief. Reflexologists apply pressure on energy pathways to maintain the natural balance of energy. They massage specific points called the reflex zone, which are believed to correspond with different body parts. If you are enthusiastic about complementary and alternative medicine and believe in the power of reflexology, this could be the job for you

The Work

Reflexologists mostly work on the feet, hand and ears to relieve their clients from stress and health conditions such as chronic pain, allergies and digestive issues. They are not, however, involved in diagnosis or provision of medical treatment.

On a day to day basis, they perform the following duties;

  • Describe and explain treatment processes to clients
  • Interview clients to analyze their medical histories
  • Examine the client’s body to identify blockages and other problems
  • Use fingers to massage the clients’ body
  • Keep clients’ treatment records
  • Advise clients on lifestyle, diet and work.

Work Environment

The working areas for reflexologists range from beauty salons, clients’ homes and holistic medicine clinics. Although the number of hours they work in a day usually depends on the number of available clients, most of the work is done in the evenings and weekends.

A reflexologist’s work can be tiring when dealing with multiple clients.


Being a profession where most practitioners are self-employed, it is difficult to determine the amount of money reflexologists earn annually. According to the National Careers Service, reflexologists normally fix their own rates depending on the length of the sessions and the area of the country. On average, they charge £25 to £70 an hour.

Entry Requirements

To get started as a reflexologist, you must complete the following steps;

  • Earn a level 3 diploma, foundation degree or bachelor’s degree in reflexology or complimentary therapies
  • Obtain insurance

The level 3 diploma can be awarded by any of the following bodies;

To be considered for an admission, you need to have a GCSE at grade A-C in biology. Previous experience in healthcare, counseling or beauty therapy could also be useful. If you wish to pursue a degree, visit the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service to find more information on the relevant entry requirements.

Important Skills, Interests and Qualities

As a reflexologist, you should have the following skills and abilities to deliver services effectively;

  • A detailed understanding of the human anatomy
  • Good listening skills to interact with clients effectively
  • Ability to locate the problems, a desire to help people and an ability to instill confidence in your clients
  • Good practical skills and a good sense of touch
  • Good business skills to grow your client base.

Training and Career Development

After starting to practice as a reflexologist, you must maintain your membership with a professional organization to access its professional development opportunities and keep your skills up to date.

You can also demonstrate your competence by applying for registration in the voluntary register for reflexologists maintained by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which sets the standards for reflexology practice in the UK.

Finally, you can pursue a graduate degree in reflexology.

Job Opportunities

Reflexologists looking to work full-time can find employment opportunities in;

  • Health centers
  • Luxury hotels
  • Gyms
  • Beauty salons

If you want to be self-employed, use your business skills to market your business to potential clients. As your reputation grows, your client base will also expand.

With vast knowledge and experience in reflexology, you could be hired as a reflexology tutor in colleges where you can teach and mentor the next generation of reflexologists.

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Success Tip

If you want to make the cut as a reflexologist, concentrate on growing your reputation. Clients want to trust their problems with someone they believe can do a perfect job! Good luck!


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