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How to Become an Entrepreneurial Coach

There are two distinct areas of entrepreneurial coaching: business and life. In general, a business coach is someone who provides training to other business owners or entrepreneurs in areas that they need to excel in. At times, these business coaches come from specific backgrounds and industries where they are successful leaders. Due to their successes, they have the ability to offer hands-on training to others who want to reach to their level. You would consider them to be experts in their field. Some of those coaches may offer training to sales professionals, restaurant owners and corporate managers.

Life coaches will usually target a wider range of topics. This may include holding the hands (not literally) of someone who is going through a divorce, needs encouragement due to a loss, cannot make a career decision, in a bad relationship, experiencing health issues, in financial constraint and possibly need a lifestyle change.

There are so many different possibilities of becoming an entrepreneurial coach. What you need to find out is whether you want to be a business coach or life coach. One you make that decision, you then need to consider how you will deliver your message.

Delivery Methods

All types of coaching opportunities can be conducted either over the telephone, through email or in person. So figure out which one of these methods will be best for you and your potential client. It is possible that one client will be open to email sessions, but another client is more hands-on, so you have to be flexible. There are also times when your delivery method can be done in a group session such as a workshop or seminar. There are endless possibilities for creativity. The great thing about this is that you can do this from your home and even while traveling on the road.

Becoming Certified

You can become a certified coach by attending a coaching school, but that is not mandatory since you can use your own life experiences to help others, especially as a life coach. If you have been successful in business, you can use your years of experience to assist someone who wants to be in your position. Therefore, while certification is good, you can skip over this step. To be a coach, you have to be an entrepreneur first and coaching is secondary.

Assuming Your Role

When you are an entrepreneur, you still play the role of coach indirectly. You are still working with clients one-on-one.  You are creating a new lifestyle for yourself. With trial and error, you are making mistakes and decisions that you will help others to avoid. So every coach must become an entrepreneur first and then coaching will follow. You have to be a good listener. Your goals and ambitions need to be paramount and to understand the language of your clients; you must go through everything first. Once you improve the quality of your own life, then that is when you will be more effective as a coach.

As an entrepreneur, you will be offering value, resolving issues and meeting the needs of others. This transcends into the role of a coach because you will be doing the same thing, but only in a different way.

Next Step

Evaluate your skills and life experiences to find out what you have to offer your prospective client. Figure out how you will deliver your message. Determine your target market. Let others know what you have to offer. Take on one client at a time to provide more room for growth.

When you become an entrepreneurial coach, you are also a business owner so treat this is a business entity, even though, it may be your purpose and passion. You will be earning a living while helping others.

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