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How to Become Famous

Whether we want to become local celebrities or international stars like Kim Kardashian they all require many similar steps. The type of fame that you want to achieve is up to you, but below are a few tips to help you on your way.

# 1 Discover Your Talent

Do you want to be a best-selling author like Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent Series? Her first book in the trilogy was published in May 2011. Book sales took off but she didn’t become “famous” until the first movie released in March 2014. In an interview, Ms. Roth said, “One piece of advice I have is: Want something else more than success. Success is a lovely thing, but your desire to say something, your worth, and your identity shouldn’t rely on it, because it’s not guaranteed and it’s not permanent and it’s not sufficient.” She went on to say that your love for your craft should be deeper than your love for success because “when the bad things hit you, you don’t fall apart.”

  • Learn Your Field - Find fame in various fields: writing, acting, singing, theater, politics, beauty talent, athletics, business savvy. Hone in on your specific talent and learn all you can to better yourself. If you want to be an author, get a BA creative writing degree. Take learning courses online. Attend writing seminars. Read the best-selling authors. To become an actor, attend a well-known school, New York Film Academy or opt for a local one.  
  • Develop Your Uniqueness - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka, Lady Gaga rose to fame in 2008 after her debut album, The Fame released. She achieved both critical and commercial success. “Influenced by David BowieMichael JacksonMadonna, and Queen, Gaga is recognized for her flamboyant and diverse contributions to the music industry through her fashion, performances, and music videos.” Lady Gaga knew that developing uniqueness would catapult her to fame.
  • Be the Best You Can Be - Putting out shoddy work will not bring you the fame you want. You might gain notoriety for a while, but lasting fame is built upon a succession of incremental steps of hard work and diligence. Find your unique talent and work hard to build upon it.

# 2 Find a Mentor

A mentor should know how to get you trained and then started in the business. You’ll need a support system, especially when things get tough. This mentor will be available to help you get back up when you fall down.

  • Branding Pays Off - For authors, it is vital to brand your name not your books. Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts, Michael Crichton, James Patterson. We all know those names or at least a good portion of them. We don’t all remember the names of their books. However, their works can easily be found online or in bookstores.  
  • Get the Buzz Going - An agent or public relations consultant assists with this. This person gets the buzz going about you, your talent and introduction into the field. If you cannot afford to hire an agent, Flora Gustafson provides great tips on how to promote your talent
  • Bad Press is Still Press - Getting bad press is not necessarily bad. You’ll want to get good press most of the time. According to the SEO Networker, “The fact of the matter is, people are writing about you and this is a big deal! Nothing is worse than, well, nothing.” Working with an agent or PR Consultant can assist you in dealing with bad press. Kristen K. Jason shares 5 Ways to Deal With Negative Publicity

# 3 Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If you want to become famous, there will be hard work involved. In a 2013 speech at the Teen Choice Awards, actor Ashton Kutcher said, “I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.” He then explained the long list of jobs he had before he became famous.

  • Overcome the One Hit Wonder Mentality - This Top Ten Grammy One Hit Wonders article lists one hit wonders like Lauryn Hill’s 1998 debut album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She won 5 of the 10 Grammys she was nominated for, including Best New Artist. She wasn’t heard of again until an MTV Unplugged in 2002 and then has vanished from the limelight since then.  
  • Surprise Others with Your Complexity - Johnny Depp is one of the most diverse actors of our time. He’s starred in these movies: Edward Scissorhands, Donnie Brasco, Pirates of the Caribbean, Public Enemies, Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Being diverse in your field will open up new opportunities.
  • Take a Leap of Faith and Risk Failure - Following your dreams takes courage. It involves risk. However, where there is risk, there is great reward. Bridget Riepl shares 10 Quotes to Inspire Your Leap of Faith. As an author of three novels, I took a leap of faith to write. I’m not a famous best-seller yet like Veronica Roth, but I’m on my way and following my dreams.  

# 4 Finding Fame Without Talent

The previous steps dealt with becoming famous with talent. However, can you become famous without having talent? The following is a listing of several ways to find fame without talent.

  • Get Cast on a Reality TV Show - On The Bachelor and The Bachelorette not all the contestants went on these shows to become famous. Most did it for love. Whatever their reasons, many of these cast mates have become well-known in the Bachelor Nation – anything related to those two shows or The Bachelor Pad. One contestant, Ali Fedotowsky, was the 6 Bachelorette in 2010. After the show, she became “an American TV personality, correspondent, spokesperson and blogger.”     
  • Rub Shoulders with Famous People - This may not be in your current realm of possibility. However, you can follow popular entertainment magazines to see what all the celebrity news is and where they’re hanging out. Read this listing of the Top 10 Entertainment Magazines.
  • Become a YouTube Sensation - Utilize the Internet via various social media networking sites, blogging platforms and vlogging or video blogging. YouTube sensations, Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena were on the Amazing Race. After the show, they said their following increased. They had already become sensations online even before appearing on the show.    
  • Know the Difference Between Fame and Infamy - Many people have become famous for absolutely no reason at all. “Infamy can be achieved through a number of acts including: murder, suicide, scandal, breaking the law, nudity or anything society deems as ‘out of the norm’ or ‘shocking.” (Source: Pop Culture Digest) Become famous for something you can be proud of.

We all need to believe in dreams. However, they should be cemented with a good sense of reality and enjoyment and acceptance of our own lives. If you decide to take that leap of faith, following the steps in this article can assist you on your way toward becoming famous.


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