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Become Less Stressed in Just 60 Seconds


Stress can be good or bad for your health. To a certain extent, in small doses stress has many advantages as it provides you with the motivation to complete daily challenges and goals. However, too much stress can be life-threating. Emotional stress can actually weaken your immune system leaving you feeling ill, depressed and fatigued.

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To help you identify whether you might be at risk, here are some signals of bad stress:

  • Inability to focus or complete tasks.
  • Experiencing body aches.
  • Prone to illnesses e.g. colds.
  • Irritability and headaches.
  • Trouble sleeping or staying awake.
  • More angry and anxious than usual.

If you want to improve the quality of your life and reduce bad stress that could be harmful to your health, there are many ways to do it! Find out how you can become less stressed in just 60 seconds by trying out the following techniques:

#1 Relax and take deep breaths

One of the most effective stress-relief techniques is to take deep breaths. When you are in emotional distress, try eliminating your thoughts to help you concentrate on your breathing. This should help you calm down and ultimately overcome your fear even for a while. As soon as you feel better write your thoughts down on paper and prioritise your to-do list in order to avoid panicking again.  

#2 Focus on the present

When you are stressed out, you tend to think about the future and how the actions of the past might affect you or the people around you. This is not only self-destructive, but it’s also unproductive as it doesn’t help you move forward or feel any better and, as a result, your anxiety increases. Try focusing on the now while taking deep breaths and surround yourself with people that can help you see the positive side of the situation. 

#3 Cast away negativity

Negative thinking doesn’t help you feel any better. Your mind is going in circles, and the only thing you achieve is feeling more stressed than before. When faced with a stressful situation it is important that you realise you are creating it by the way you construct your thoughts. This means that you are imagining a possible story that may never happen, and you over analyse the outcomes of your actions. Don’t fall into that trap and try to organise your thoughts logically so that you get rid of all your worries.   

#4 Question your thoughts

Part of becoming less stressed is becoming more self-aware. When you are feeling anxious, give yourself a moment and take a step back for a few seconds to help yourself think more clearly. Find out what’s causing this emotional distress and thoroughly question your thoughts. Don’t give them too much authority or credibility and ask yourself if they are valid! 

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While you can’t entirely avoid stress since it is an inevitable part of your life, you can improve the way you respond to stressful situations and practise some relaxing techniques to help you out. Check out the full video by Prince EA below to learn how you can become less stressed in just 60 seconds!

Do you use any of the methods listed above to relieve stress? Do you find them effective? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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