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How to Become Your Own Boss

Sometimes you lie awake at night, drenched in sweat, head swimming with your next big step. Becoming your own boss. That’s right. Why can’t you be the next Mark Cuban?

I mean, one second he’s a bartender in his 30s and then POOF...

Billionaire. Simple, right? But before you go tell your boss to shove it, you need to understand one thing. It takes a lot of hard work to become an overnight success.

Hard work. A great plan. Elbow grease...

And superhuman-like perseverance.

Now you’re thinking, "Excellent. So, where do I begin." Well, young grasshopper. I shall teach you the ways.


I. Get your cheddar in order.

By far the most important step in the process of becoming your own boss. If you omit this, then you are not setting a foundation for your business. And thus are doomed to failure from the beginning. So... what to look for? First, you need to deduce how much you’ll need make to keep your business operating. I mean, a functioning business is nice to have, right? Oh. Yeah. You also need to figure out your upfront (start-up) and week-by-week costs.

II. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

So what I’m saying is that you need to be very much in tune with your emotional climate. Assess your tendencies. Rock calm under pressure? Or a wilting lily. It’s important to know because starting a business is a rollercoaster in and of itself. So be sure to fasten your feelings.

 Another thing you want to take note of is your support system. Do close friends and family have your back? Don’t refrain from tapping into your networks. If you know someone who’s savvy about the industry you want to start your venture in, or if they’re just all-around business smart, reach out to them for guidance.

 III. Follow thine passions.

Plain and simple. Hey, what’s the point in leaving the job you hate to start a business you’re only mildly interested in. Don’t settle. Go for something you know will get you out of bed every morning to do all the right little it takes to flourish a business. Better to be pulled by a power vision than having to push yourself toward a bland horizon.

So decide what that vision is. See if there is a market for it. And then GO!


IV. Do it on the side.

Hey. Maybe it’s just not time to deliver your epic exit speech at the next corporate conference call. And that’s understandable. Who knows? Your decision could be impacting more than just you. Wife, kids, etc. So just work your business part-time. There. Simple. Either way, fulltime or not, building up a client base big and reliable enough to replace with your current job could take several months up to a year. How quickly that happens depends on so many factors: size of the industry, prospects budgets, your efforts, etc.

 V. One foot out the door

Finally... You’ve set a client base. It’s time to go! But you shouldn’t be hasty. Do things right. Transition yourself out of the job. Speak to your employer about dropping your hours. If part-time isn’t an option, then you need to set a deadline for yourself. After you’ve assessed your financial and client situation, decide on a time to quit.

These are just a few easy tips to get yourself going.

So stop hoping. Get to working.

I mean... you could be the next Mark Cuban.



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