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How to Behave in the Office as a New Graduate

As a recent graduate entering the world of employment, there are certain customs, policies and unwritten rules that you need to bear in mind in order to get by. Although starting a new job as a graduate can be a nerve-wracking experience, with the right preparation, tools and knowledge, the overall experience can be a little less daunting.

The world of work can be an overwhelming and oftentimes confusing place, filled with office politics and unwritten rules. Nevertheless if you learn to successfully navigate the office environment early on, you will reap the rewards of your success.

Preparing for your new job

Read, research and learn as much about the company as possible. Learn about the people that you will be working with (you can find out more about them from social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter). Be as well prepared as possible so as to avoid looking ignorant or uninformed. Preparation will reflect positively on you and will also give you additional confidence during your early days as a graduate employee.

The early days of your employment

Moving into a new office as a graduate is an extremely different experience from sitting in lectures and seminars at university. One of the most noteworthy factors is the increase in hours, which are typically far longer than those completed at university. This can be both physically and mentally exhausting for those who are not used to it. Therefore getting enough sleep during the early days of your new job can be invaluable in helping you to settle in with your new role.

Maintain respect

Always show respect for those around you and be willing to learn. Although it is important to express yourself and get your ideas across, do so in a diplomatic and tactful manner, so as to avoid looking arrogant. On the other hand, if you are a typically shy and quiet character, be sure to express your voice and demonstrate that you can bring value to your role. 

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